Why is Good Leadership Contagious?

Paul Batz explains how good leaders are magnetic to the best talent, and more attractive to customers.
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Let us help you find your focus, manage priorities, influence culture, motivate teams and align the interests of those around you. It all begins by connecting with the right coach. Start building momentum today.
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Inspiration stronger
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morning espresso.

Grab the hottest leadership development ticket in Minneapolis and you’ll find generous helpings of The Seven Fs: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun and Future.
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Our next speaker is
Alex Steinman,
Communications Director at Fallon

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Good leaders want to work less, have more fun and get better results. Are you ready?
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The Goodness Pledge built on the foundations of The Conerstones of Goodness and The Seven Fs

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The world needs more good leaders! Take the Goodness Pledge today and start receiving “Sparks” to ignite goodness in your leadership.
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How do we know we are doing any good?

Ideas don’t create impact without people who are inspired to action. Since 2009, clients and guests have fueled the momentum by referring the Good Leadership message to their friends. Join us.

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