Good Leaders: What role can you play in the healing community?

Last Friday at the Good Leadership Breakfast, our speaker Liwanag Ojala, borrowed from classical music as a metaphor for leadership and community building. "Most people know the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky as that orchestra piece we hear during 4th of July celebrations because of the crashing symbols and cannon fire," she taught us. "I find that one piece to be a guiding thought as we expand the reach and impact of Caring Bridge."

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Good Leaders: How do your friends help your life and leadership?

If you love high-energy speakers, then you’ll love the passion and enthusiasm that radiates from Liwanag Ojala. “I’m so energized by my work that I can’t have more than one cup of coffee these days,” she laughed. Liwanag is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast next Friday, September 15. She is the CEO of CaringBridge, the world’s largest online healing community which hosts more than 300,000 visitors like you and me everyday.

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Good Leaders: What did you learn from the eclipse?

Ok, so I'll admit it - three weeks ago, I couldn't care less about the eclipse. Perhaps I'm just not astronomically curious? My wife has a really cool app on her phone that charts the stars at night. I think that's cool. But the idea of interrupting a perfectly good Monday to watch the moon block out the sun just wasn't tickling my fancy.

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Good Leaders: Please help with a CAPTION CONTEST

This is the funniest (grossest?) photograph I could find in a hurry yesterday to spark a discussion about the importance of fitness for good leadership. If you read no further, please send a quick reply: What funny caption comes to mind for this picture? Here’s my best try: I can’t believe I ate all the leftover donuts from yesterday’s staff meeting...

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Good Leaders: How does fitness affect your leadership?

“People sometimes think I’m bat-shit crazy…but that’s not true (I don’t think!)" laughed Chris Freytag, the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast next Friday. "I’m just bat-shit passionate about teaching people about good fitness!” As I write this, I'm fully aware of the fact that the belt on my pants is cutting into my mid-section. The past six weeks of celebrating a good life has increased my weight about 10 pounds and my pants don't fit. So it's a good time for me to think about how my fitness affects my leadership.

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Good Leaders: It’s time for a Good Leadership Breakfast

The 61st Good Leadership Breakfast begins on Friday, August 18th. It's pure joy to be inviting and hosting special people who share their stories about how Goodness Pays. We are living the dream! Since the first meeting in 2010, our team has been constantly on-the-watch for new speakers. Here are four good people we chose for you to meet this fall over a Good Leadership Breakfast.

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Good Leaders: When does goodness hurt?

Hang in there with me: my point of view is "goodness pays." No, I'm not a pastor, priest or a Boy/Girl Scout. I coach on leadership, and I see everyday that goodness pays. But lately, I have been re-learning that sometimes using the word "goodness" turns people away. Normally, I just chalk that up to a combination of the Bell Curve, and basic segmentation - there are a lot of people who think "goodness" is a soft and squishy waste of time. Last week, we experienced rejection on something we really wanted...

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