Good Leaders: Are you ready to celebrate The Intelligent Optimist?

Living in the bold north of Minnesota requires midwinter boosts of bright energy. That’s why my team and I are excited to share a slate of speakers who radiate goodness for the 2018 Spring Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Positivity and optimism are particularly important today, as we search for effective ways to drown out the “dark noise” that dominates our media consumption. The series begins on Friday, February 16, with a world-class purveyor of optimism.

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Good Leaders: Who’s helping you spread goodness?

The twelve days of Christmas have passed. My Monday morning meditation seems a bit flat because the colorful glow of the Christmas tree is gone. The tree is on the curb, and I put the lights away for another year. So now I'm creating my own sparkle, by plugging into my two significant aspirations for 2018: 1) Finish and launch the Goodness Pays book, and 2) take my first sabbatical for rest, renewal, and family adventure. Over the course of a 32-year professional career, I've never worked on any one project that's taken 2 1/2 years. Normally, I would not be described as a person with patience. But it's now beginning to feel as if the persistence will pay off. Here's why:

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Good Leaders: Can you forget resolutions and try aspirations instead?

My favorite Christmas gift this year is a book of paintings and writings by George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States. It's a beautiful coffee table style book called Portraits of Courage - a Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors. I love it for many reasons, but mainly because it's a joyful celebration of what's possible when we follow our aspirations.

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Good Leaders: Who are you listening to lately?

I found the question from the audience to be odd. Someone asked me at a speaking engagement, "Who are you listening to lately?" My initial thought was, "I normally listen to sports radio, Frank Sinatra, and Classic Rock and Roll." But, my instincts told me to probe for more information.

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Good Leaders: What makes your heart swell today?

Every Monday morning we have a scheduled review meeting in our firm. It takes a lot of coordination to produce world-class coaching, speaking, books & tools, and events. Typically we look ahead six weeks to ensure we're ready for whatever life brings our way. The Monday of Thanksgiving week we received a huge surprise.

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Good Leaders: What one word would you tattoo on you?

Six years ago I wrote a blog about tattoos, wondering what 'mark' would I consider branding myself with. Now, years later, I'm asking the same question slightly differently...if you could have a one-word tattoo anywhere on your body that best describes you, what would that word be? I recall being mind-tied years ago. Today, I have an answer with conviction.

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Good Leaders: How is the future moving through you?

"The future is always moving," Joe Cecere shared at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, November 17. Joe is the CEO of an internationally-acclaimed Minneapolis design firm called LITTLE. He shared his excitement about design thinking and good leadership in the context of "future" as the focus of the final breakfast of 2017.

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Good leaders: How do you overcome the dark noise?

It happened sometime last week. Early in the morning I was reading the newspaper, while listening to the TV news, with my iPhone next to me on the table. I was reading about another disturbing terror crime while the TV announcer was reporting the same story. In the same instant, my phone buzzed with a text message announcing the same exact information. It was a total ambush of negativity before 7AM. The view from my Thinking Chair, where most of these blogs begin. What happened next is significant.

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