Good Leaders: What outside-of-work influences shape your outlook today?

Three weeks ago I wrote about feeling "overcommitted" in ways that I totally deserved. Today, I'm writing about the outside-of-work influences that affect my outlook today. Here's why: over the course of surveying and coaching leaders on how to blend together their work and home life through the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future - we've consistently seen "family" scoring the highest in satisfaction - and also in "distraction." I'm the poster child for that these days - in a really good way.

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Good Leaders: What value do you see in fun@work?

Getting your enterprise into eCommerce through online sales and service is serious business. That's why I'm introducing you to Darin Lynch, CEO of Irish Titan. Take one good look at Darin, and you'll know that he's not serious about many things. He's successful because he role models how businesses can be fun at work, and still stone-cold serious about making your business better online.

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Good Leaders: How does your faith shape our future?

This year, 2017, I renewed my commitment to follow the path of the Seven Fs of goodness in leadership: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future to see where it takes me. You may have recognized this as the theme of our breakfast series, and the renewed focus of this blog. My personal growth goal this year is to be fully aware of how each of these concepts are alive and growing in me - both personally and professionally. This blog is about how the growth of my faith has shaped how I think about future: yours, mine, and ours.

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Good Leaders: What role can you play in the healing community?

Last Friday at the Good Leadership Breakfast, our speaker Liwanag Ojala, borrowed from classical music as a metaphor for leadership and community building. "Most people know the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky as that orchestra piece we hear during 4th of July celebrations because of the crashing symbols and cannon fire," she taught us. "I find that one piece to be a guiding thought as we expand the reach and impact of Caring Bridge."

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Good Leaders: How do your friends help your life and leadership?

If you love high-energy speakers, then you’ll love the passion and enthusiasm that radiates from Liwanag Ojala. “I’m so energized by my work that I can’t have more than one cup of coffee these days,” she laughed. Liwanag is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast next Friday, September 15. She is the CEO of CaringBridge, the world’s largest online healing community which hosts more than 300,000 visitors like you and me everyday.

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Good Leaders: What did you learn from the eclipse?

Ok, so I'll admit it - three weeks ago, I couldn't care less about the eclipse. Perhaps I'm just not astronomically curious? My wife has a really cool app on her phone that charts the stars at night. I think that's cool. But the idea of interrupting a perfectly good Monday to watch the moon block out the sun just wasn't tickling my fancy.

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Good Leaders: Please help with a CAPTION CONTEST

This is the funniest (grossest?) photograph I could find in a hurry yesterday to spark a discussion about the importance of fitness for good leadership. If you read no further, please send a quick reply: What funny caption comes to mind for this picture? Here’s my best try: I can’t believe I ate all the leftover donuts from yesterday’s staff meeting...

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