Good Leaders: When does goodness hurt?

Hang in there with me: my point of view is "goodness pays." No, I'm not a pastor, priest or a Boy/Girl Scout. I coach on leadership, and I see everyday that goodness pays. But lately, I have been re-learning that sometimes using the word "goodness" turns people away. Normally, I just chalk that up to a combination of the Bell Curve, and basic segmentation - there are a lot of people who think "goodness" is a soft and squishy waste of time. Last week, we experienced rejection on something we really wanted...

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Good Leaders: Who are you helping today?

You've heard me say this before: Nothing significant ever happens alone. That's why public/private partnerships are formed to help people in our community thrive. This year, Melinda and I agree to lead by example by committing to a Platinum Corporate Sponsorship of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. We see our role as catalysts to show other private businesses what's possible with a commitment of time, talents and money to help people in need thrive.

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Good Leaders: Are you savoring your Seven Fs today?

Today is the 4th of July. I'm grateful to be on vacation, savoring a Seven Fs clean sweep: Exercising my faith in the values of the good 'ol USA. Squeezing out every ounce of love in my family. Rejoicing in the idea that my finances are funding my priorities. Celebrating my fitness with a couple of beers. Grateful my kids and [...]

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Good Leaders: Are you making plans to live past 90 years?

In 2015, the American Sociological Society did a study that determined something really amazing. They answered this question: What is the #1 predictor that someone today will live past 90 years? The answer...

Good Leaders: What did you do yesterday afternoon?

So, yesterday was anything but a normal day at the office. In the afternoon I was on TV at the local NBC studios talking with Pat Evans about The Bucket List Book. It's fun to be on TV! Pat's a great guy - someone who radiates goodness. Continue reading for a summary of the interview and watch the segment.

Good Leaders: Who sparks what’s possible in you?

Good leaders can look back on their lives and identify specific people, and specific moments when someone helped them see the possibilities in their leadership. For me, there have been several. One of the most significant conversations was with Mark Bergman. You may know him as the inventor of the HANDy Paint Pail. He sparked "what's possible" in me, and we wrote a book together.

Good Leaders: Why keep your Bucket List a secret?

"What surprised me the most about the Bucket List research we did, was that most people prefer to keep their Bucket List a secret," said Jeri Meola. She's the CEO of SMS Research who designed and interpreted the research behind our new book: The Bucket List Book. We hired Jeri because after searching online databases, we couldn't find any research on the concept. Read on to find out what we learned.

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Good Leaders: Is it Time for Your Bucket List?

On Father's Day weekend in 1999, I made the commitment to become and author. I created an outline and wrote the first 2000 words while flying from Minneapolis to London to visit my sister Liesl. When that first book, Inspire, Persuade, Lead was published, I decided that writing a Best-Seller book someday was on my Bucket List.

Good Leaders: How do you feel about your money?

Nathan Dungan was in New York City, the day the Twin Towers collapsed. The four days of confinement to his hotel room, and then two days of driving a rental car back to Minnesota, created the perfect opportunity for him to re-think his life.