Good Leaders: Is it Time for Your Bucket List?

On Father's Day weekend in 1999, I made the commitment to become and author. I created an outline and wrote the first 2000 words while flying from Minneapolis to London to visit my sister Liesl. When that first book, Inspire, Persuade, Lead was published, I decided that writing a Best-Seller book someday was on my Bucket List.

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Good Leaders: How well do you share your finances?

Most people would rather speak about their sex lives or spirituality than talk about their money. Somehow discussing our "finances" creates an uncomfortable window into our souls. That's why I invited Nathan Dungan to be our speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday.

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Good Leaders: Why do you volunteer?

"I've discovered I feel so much better about myself when I spend time helping others," the man quoted in the article professed. It's the law of Karma, and reciprocity: when we put out helping energy into the world, it comes back to us in amazing ways. At Good Leadership Enterprises, we believe goodness pays. We call helping others: living generously. And I know it pays.

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Good Leaders: How does your family help you be a better leader?

You are in for a real treat. If you make it to the Good Leadership Breakfast next Friday, April 21, you will discover the irresistible mystique of Alex Steinman: I started the Strong Like Mama blog for working mothers," Alex explained. "I don't talk about crafts and new cooking ideas. I talk about real stuff working moms what to do when your kid craps in the tub while you are on conference call trying to fix a product launch," she laughed. See what I mean?

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Good Leaders: Can you relax today?

I'm tired. The four months of January through April are the busy season in the leadership consulting business. Last week I got up before 5am, five days in a row. It's a good tired. But I'm tired. With that, good things are ahead...

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Good Leaders: What habits help you be grateful today?

The words, "we felt compelled to do something in our son's honor," caused the lump in my throat last Friday. The speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast, Marc Miller, was sharing how in his state of grieving over the sudden loss of his son, he felt called to start a non-profit to honor the name of his child, Gunnar.

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