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Executive Coaching Roundtable

6 Critical Topics Every Successful Women
Enterprise Leader Should Master


Are you ready to…

  • Strengthen your leadership capability and capacity
  • Foster your learning agility to implement new behaviors
  • Understand and apply self-knowledge to address your business challenges
  • Lead in authentic ways consistent with your values
  • Learn new ways to balance strategy with the day-to-day firefighting
  • Influence effectively and create alignment
  • Get work done through others and stretch your talent
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You know who you are.

An enterprising woman leader who has risen through the ranks. You enjoy the pressure of delivering financial returns and influencing an organization with your leadership. You are a Woman Enterpriser, and this program is for you. The Executive Coaching Roundtable for Women Enterprise Leaders is a leadership development affinity group designed specifically for top-of-the-house women leaders operating across the enterprise. It’s a coaching roundtable to strengthen your leadership effectiveness – hone your self-awareness, help you lead authentically and shape a culture consistent with your organizational strategy.

Mastering critical leadership topics

With years of coaching, training and development experience, your Good Leadership facilitator understands the challenges women enterprise leaders face today. The Executive Coaching Roundtable helps leaders like you navigate critical topics and master:

  1. Controlling your destiny
  2. Achieving influence through a connecting and collaborate style
  3. Applying self-knowledge and resiliency to address challenges
  4. Being the keeper of your own boundaries
  5. Acting authentically
  6. Navigating the political landscape

“Affinity groups offer a host of invaluable benefits: Increased recruitment and retention; insights into multicultural markets; better productivity; improved corporate communications; better community relations; and a more committed workforce. Affinity networks leverage the power of diversity to achieve your company’s strategic business goals.”
– Network of Executive Women

Executive Roundtable for Women - Kelsey Meyer Schalkle

Kelsey Meyer Schalkle

Executive Roundtable for Women - Krista Porvaznik

Krista Porvaznik

Executive Roundtable for Women - Nancy Weidenfeller

Nancy Weidenfeller

Executive Roundtable for Women - Tina Woitaszewski

Tina Woitaszewski

The Executive Coaching Roundtable Experience:

1-Day Kickoff Retreat: Noon-Noon

  • Training on the Seven Fs
  • Understanding of the Four Cornerstones of Goodness
  • Hogan Self Assessment Results
  • Leadership Story Sharing
  • Individual Development Plan Creation

Meeting Topics:

  • Leadership Presence
  • Stress Derailers
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Managing tension between long-term focus and day-to-day firefighting
  • Leading and Managing change
  • Power and Influence
  • Resilience
  • Learning Agility
  • Creating a Compelling Plan

The Good Leadership Difference and Outcomes:

  • High Quality Coaching and Human Development
  • A Focus on the Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Coaching Buddies
  • Personal Insight Evaluation: Good Leadership Benchmark
  • Hogan Assessment: Identifying your triggers and managing your potential derailers
  • Powerful Stop, Start, Continue Development Plan
  • Capacity & Capability skills and tools to build a high performing team and improve team effectiveness
  • Discovery Interviews

Investing in women leaders is good for business.

Research shows when companies consciously develop female leaders and have more women in executive roles, their numbers outperform the S&P.

To learn more and apply:

Call 612.234.1644 or email info@goodleadership.com

Questions? Contact Erin Wilken at: Erin@GoodLeadership.com

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$5,500 for eight meetings, an overnight retreat, a Hogan Assessment, and executive coaching tools.