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Good Leadership Breakfast Paul Batz Minneapolis Minnesota

Carpe Diem.

Carpe Diem is the mantra of Paul Batz, an inspirational leadership coach and visionary. He created the Good Leadership movement through coaching executives, professional speaking, writing books and tools, and hosting terrific events. The Good Leadership Breakfast Series has touched thousands of leaders in five years, and is now one of the hottest tickets in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Paul is an exciting, energetic speaker with a relentlessly positive outlook. He’s classically trained in choral conducting and theater, so he knows how to engage an audience. Paul also brings first-hand insights gleaned from his ongoing experiences as an executive coach.

“Speakers come and go, but Paul Batz connects the heart and mind by blending our life goals on so many levels. His message is timeless and exceptional.”

– Brett Storrar, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc


Clients find his speaking style to be quick-witted, articulate, insightful, and highly engaging. With Paul, no speech or retreat is ever a cookie cutter. That’s because deep down Paul approaches his work as a consultant and coach. He searches for a unique blend of strategies that fit each circumstance. Paul is a proud member of the National Speaker’s Association.

Good Leadership Enterprises Paul Batz Speaking

Good Leadership Enterprises Paul Batz Speaking

Keynotes and Workshops

How Personal Leadership is Your Competitive Advantage.
Ideal for leaders, professional services, salespeople
The world’s research authorities have confirmed what we already know: Trust in businesses has never been lower. Paul Batz shares how good leaders are magnetic to the best customers and attractive to the best talent because they accept personal responsibility to radiate goodness. This keynote delivers an interactive assessment with the Seven Fs Wheel© and strategies to leverage your Personal Leadership.

How Good Leaders Work Less, Have More Fun, and Get Better Results
Ideal for corporate, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders
Leaders learn the secrets for how to get powerful people working together effectively in today’s transparency culture. This keynote features the Team Momentum Model©, insightful stories about the struggles and triumphs of good leaders like you… and tools to help you work less, have more fun, and get better results. You can do it!

Celebration Speech: Blending the Seven Fs for Grateful Living Today
Ideal for cocktail/dinner and awards trip engagements
We believe the path to greatness is paved by people like you and me, who are radiating goodness today and everyday! It’s because goodness grows. This presentation features heartwarming and inspiring stories directly relevant to your audience and can be scaled up or down for 20 – 90 minutes. Audiences carry home the Seven Fs Wheel© for use with family, friends, and in the community.


“The Good Leadership momentum is thriving because focusing on goodness and the Seven Fs works.”

– Paul Hillen, Cargill, VP of Corporate Brand and Marketing





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