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Think Differently About
Your Biggest Problems.

Paul Batz is changing the conversation.
He knows how to help leaders and teams face their
biggest problems in ways that become their finest hour.
His presentations bring alive a transformational idea: Goodness pays.
With Paul, no keynote, workshop or retreat is ever cookie cutter. He finds a unique blend of strategies that fit each circumstance and creates a customized presentation every time. And every event includes research-based ideas for both personal and professional growth, including proprietary coaching tools that show the next step for how to make changes immediately.
Paul’s keynotes and workshops help organizations find the goodness they need to thrive through even the gnarliest challenges. At his core, he knows how to get people to work together. His transformational message comes from an aspirational thinking model that sparks “What’s Possible?” in every leader and team, even in the most difficult situations.


A highly regarded presenter, Paul’s events are packed with energy, thoughtful stories, and practical advice. Clients find Paul to be quick-witted, articulate, insightful, and highly engaging.
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“Paul Batz is world-class speaker who speaks the truth about good leadership – goodness pays! His work has transformed me as a leader, and he’s shaping a path that will help us all be the leaders we know we need to be.”

– Kevin Warren, COO, Minnesota Vikings

“The world needs more thought-leaders like Paul Batz. He turns our heads around to see the most obvious reason for leadership – Goodness pays! I just love his energy, how he tells stories, and how he makes the most important lessons come alive in my leadership.”

– Kathi Tunheim, SVP of Strategy, Gustavus Adolphus College

“The Good Leadership movement is thriving because focusing on goodness and the Seven Fs really works. Only the most hardened cynics can argue with Paul’s methods – it is easier to just get on board and ride the momentum. You’ll be a better leader, with better results, guaranteed.”

– Paul Hillen, Cargill, VP of Corporate Brand and Marketing

“Paul Batz is changing the conversation
about leadership, and thank heaven’s for that.
He’s charming, dynamic and changing the world!”

– Jeri Meola, CEO, SMS Research

“Paul’s insights about The Seven Fs are a foundational component of the cultural improvement movement we have going at United Healthcare. He’s a terrific speaker whose positive energy is contagious.”

– Dave Sparkman, Chief Culture Officer, United Healthcare

“Paul Batz is a master of his craft – truly one of the most important thought leaders on leadership of our time. His ideas are transformation, both personally and professionally. He’s a terrific speaker and the best executive coach I’ve ever seen.”

– Dan McGinty, CEO, FSCCM

Keynotes and Workshops.

Learn how these topics can be customized to your specific industry or group, as a keynote or a 3-hour interactive workshop.

Speaking Topics:

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How Goodness Pays:
When Good Leaders Let Go of Superhero Leadership, Great Results are Possible

The highest performing leaders today reject the idea of superhero leadership, because it only works in a crisis. Instead, they chose a leadership style fueled by goodness to create a culture of encouragement where the people around them thrive. In this engaging keynote presentation, Paul Batz shares the Epoxy Theory of how to get powerful people working together. It’s about specific strategies that build a foundation where the people involved care about each other both personally and professionally – and because they care, they build bold plans and solve difficult problems together. (And all this without superhero energy that causes burnout.)
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Why Goodness Pays:
The Research, the Book and the Formula to Transform Your Business

The research is conclusive: goodness pays with consistently positive financial results, happier customers and loyal employees. This highly interactive keynote debunks the idea that goodness is a religious concept, too soft and squishy or just a waste of time. Paul Batz shares the data from the 18-month research project that defines “goodness” in the workplace, and testimony of some of the highest performing small, medium and large businesses in America. You will learn four specific ways how sharp decision-making and teamwork within a culture of encouragement is how goodness comes alive.
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When Goodness Pays:
How to Turn Your Biggest Challenge into Your Finest Hour as a Leader

In their most private thoughts, most people can vividly recall the moments in their career that they will describe as their finest hour. It’s a moment where their goodness came alive for the benefit of others. This insightful keynote will spark new energy in you about “What’s possible?” because Paul Batz will explain the research gleaned from hundreds of interviews. Your finest hour is only possible when you are open to personal transformation – a gut-check in a game-changing moment. But nothing significant ever happens alone – the personal transformation doesn’t work unless you rally people around a single mission where the team creates an outcome everyone feels good about. This keynote is specifically powerful when teams and/or organizations are facing difficult challenges for growth and prosperity. You will learn the four step formula for how to make goodness pay for you.
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How Goodness Really Works:
Blending The Seven Fs of Good Personal and Professional Leadership
Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future

Paul Batz does not believe in work/life balance – its because the notion implies one is a sacrifice for the other. Instead, he shows you how to Blend the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future into everything you do – at home and at work. In this powerful keynote session, Paul will explain how intellectually honest self-reflection with the Seven Fs Wheel is one of the most powerful motivators of success. He helps people create an actionable answer to the question: “Am I getting ahead, or falling behind?” with humor and interactive coaching tools. Though it may be a simple message, it’s not easy. That’s why Paul provides dozens of great ideas and success habits for how the Seven Fs can help goodness come alive in your life.
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How Goodness Comes Alive in You:
Get UNSTUCK with a Bucket List and Aspirational Thinking

Transformational business results come from creating a culture of encouragement where people can thrive together. The days of finger-pointing and problem hunting are long gone as a strategy to motivate results. Instead, people are learning to use Aspirational Thinking as a framework to discover “What’s Possible?” and create positive momentum in the business. This keynote builds off the aspirational coaching model in Paul Batz’s firm, Good Leadership Enterprises. It’s fun to discover how having a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, a Personal Mission Statement, and a Bucket List can help your life and your professional development.
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“Paul Batz is a master of his craft – truly one of the most important thought leaders on leadership of our time. His ideas are transformational, both personally and professionally. He’s a terrific speaker and the best executive coach I’ve ever seen.”

– Dan McGinty, CEO