Good Leaders: What do you listen to for inspiration?

The term “Monday Morning Quarterback” typically describes experts reviewing and critiquing every aspect of how their favorite NFL team performed in Sunday’s game. Here’s why that’s relevant you: Today is the launch of the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast. The first series is devoted to re-broadcasting the intriguing speakers from the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. In tinkering with our strategy, we landed on “Monday Morning Quarterback” for our unique angle on both the “leadership” and “podcasting” topics which are so popular today.

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Good Leaders: How are you feeding your optimism?

Here's how a world-class optimist thinks: "We simply don't have enough problems in the world, for all of the solutions we can create," said Jurriaan Kamp, the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday. Jurriaan was in town at my invitation to share his thoughts about why optimism is so important to goodness and good leadership. Here's some of what else he had to say:

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Good Leaders: What experiments in your life are making you nervous?

Over the past four weeks, our team has been experimenting with producing The Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast. What experimenting really means is a whole lot of trial and error, raw emotions, and nervous energy. In my role as the thought leader for Good Leadership Enterprises, I spend a great deal of time creating, designing, editing, and sharpening things into simplicity. Well, the podcast trial and error has been anything but simple. It's messy, and it makes me nervous. Excited, and nervous!!

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Good Leaders: How have you grown over the past year?

One year ago, Richard Leider was the kick-off speaker at the 2017 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He was the first internationally-accomplished speaker, being known as the world's foremost authority on the power of purpose in life and leadership. By saying "yes!" to our invitation, he encouraged us to reach higher and farther for speakers to help amplify and spread the Goodness Pays message. The core of his message was that purpose helps with all aspects of life and leadership. And, for those of us who don't know our purpose yet he offered this as the place to start:

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