There Is a Better Way to do Leadership

We coach teams so they can create the commitment and accountability to do what’s necessary to remove the organizational suffering associated with misalignment.

The Good Leadership Approach:

  • Generate motivation and excitement to build something special
  • Uncover who is ready and committed, and who is not
  • Agree on Top 3 Can’t Miss Organizational Priorities
  • Develop the ability to trust
  • Find confidence to make bold decisions
  • Negotiate shared commitments so everyone wins
  • Create healthy tension that is required for teams to be great
  • Encourage teams to celebrate progress and wins

Who Do We Serve?

We believe harmony is the enemy of high performance. We partner with aspirational teams in athletics, business, and healthcare who embrace the disruption and health tension that’s required to do awesome things.

Why Coach Teams?

When the team at the top is not aligned, everyone suffers. That’s why we coach teams, and the individuals within them, to eliminate the barriers that cause friction and burnout.

Why is Alignment so Hard?

Because with every new “big decision”, the Bell Curve applies: some team members are enthusiastic and feel like “winners” in the decision, while others resist because they feel like “losers” who have to create disruption that will cause pain and suffering for some employees. We make alignment easier by treating it like a waterfall that is constantly flowing, instead of a faucet that gets turned on and off at the annual retreat.