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Paul Batz is CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises. He is an inspirational leadership coach, best selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today.

Science and Good Leadership with Alison Brown

Good Leadership is the art and science of people working together to create great results. After 21-months of pivoting, the Good Leadership Breakfast Series finally returned to a live meeting last Friday. Getting back into the ballroom, required a whole lot of people working together. And it was energizing to be back with our sponsors in person. Alison Brown, President [...]

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The Science of Leadership with Alison Brown

This is an exciting week around the hallways of Good Leadership. After pivoting to an online broadcast format for more than 18 months, the Good Leadership Breakfast is venturing back into a ballroom this week. Through the encouragement of sponsors, clients, and friends, a new cast of characters is experimenting with a new format and a new venue. Lights, camera, [...]

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Meet Terry Rasmussen, CEO of Thrivent and Good Leadership Breakfast Speaker

Success habits are specific things leaders have learned to apply over and over again in their leadership – because they really work. As the Good Leadership Breakfast continues to evolve, we are keenly focused on helping our speakers identify their success habits, so they can share them with you! Terry Rasmussen is yet another successful executive who grew up on [...]

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Waterfall or Faucet?

How do you think about creating alignment within your team?  Alignment is important because employees will tell you right away: When the team at the top is not aligned, everyone suffers. What is suffering? In general, it’s the declining sense of hope that accelerates with frustration. People don’t get exhausted by working too long and too hard on things that [...]

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Success Habits of MPR President: Duchesne Drew

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) found their President, Duchesne Drew, by way of some early talent scout who admired his savvy as a journalist – and also saw his talent as a leader. Duchesne (pronounced De-Shawn) was the speaker at the 92ndepisode of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series last Friday, September 17, 2021. He shared how he grew up in New [...]

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Duchesne Drew on what it means to thrive together

Summer is gone and we’re all back at full speed. So why should you take an hour out of your week to work on your leadership this Friday? Because the Good Leadership Breakfast speaker is a one-of-a-kind leader, who has three pragmatic success habits that will improve your leadership. The Speaker Duchesne Drew, President of Minnesota Public Radio, is speaking [...]

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Effectively building trust

Trust is one of the key elements to running a business smoothly. You want your team to have trust in you and your capabilities, as well as trust each other as a team. So, what is trust in the first place, and how do you get your team to trust you?   Trust has a couple of different definitions, but [...]

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Live the culture

The best business results come from teams of people who care about each other, both personally and professionally. And because they care, they set bold goals—and solve difficult problems—together. Another way to say it: Goodness only comes alive in a business when people thrive together. When that happens, anyone trying to be a Superhero sticks out like a weed in a rose garden.   To paint a picture, [...]

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Defining leadership values

We all know that people are more engaged with a plan if they’re actively involved in creating the plan. Some employees today still see themselves as Superheroes who have all the answers. They ask team members “questions” that aren’t really questions – they are assertions. Big difference. We all know what that feels like. The underlying assumption is that feelings [...]

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