Meet Adrienne Diercks, Founder and Executive Director of Project Success

“Did you know you can rent a camel?” Adrienne Diercks asked me during the long format part of the program at last Friday’s Good Leadership Breakfast. Her question, was in response to my question: What pivot points in your life led you to start Project Success? “I was riding a camel through the Great Pyramids of Egypt, thinking…I think every [...]

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Meet Natalie Stute, CHRO of Gainwell Technologies

Business authors and scholars have been publishing articles recently about the importance of positivity in leaders over the past two years. Simply put: sincere positivity helps with the mood swings and intense introspection caused by recent world affairs. Natalie Stute, Chief Human Resources Officer for Gainwell Technologies, was the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, April 29. Both [...]

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How do you relate to your teams

Twelve days ago was the launch of the Good Leadership Breakfast version 3.0. The pandemic accelerated the use of interactive technology in how we all work and play, so, we were compelled to incorporate online and app-based research into the Breakfast model. We polled a group of professionals from all across the US and then compared that data to the [...]

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Meet Mike Stigers, CEO of Cub Foods

Last Thursday, March 10, was the triumphant return of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series in the traditional sense – we hosted more than 150 guests, live and in-person at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Minneapolis. Guests were treated to an inspiring message from Mike Stigers, CEO of Cub Foods. Back to the basics Good leadership means so many things to so [...]

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Drama and Accountability

Is office "drama" hurting your team's accountability? First, the context: anyone paying attention to society these days understands there are multiple reasons why people are on edge: Inconsistent masking policies, varying Work-from-Home and Return-to-Office policies, home-testing when anyone has the sniffles, and the increase of negative/toxic news in politics and world affairs. We like to call all of these things [...]

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What do you mean by “Alignment?”

This week in a video call, the Good Leadership coaching team was challenged with the question: What does it really mean to be “aligned,” anyway? It’s a legitimate question because the word “alignment” means as many things as the word “strategic” in the business lexicon. Here’s how we answered:   Alignment is when everyone on the team has negotiated and [...]

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Science and Good Leadership with Alison Brown

Good Leadership is the art and science of people working together to create great results. After 21-months of pivoting, the Good Leadership Breakfast Series finally returned to a live meeting last Friday. Getting back into the ballroom, required a whole lot of people working together. And it was energizing to be back with our sponsors in person. Alison Brown, President [...]

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The Science of Leadership with Alison Brown

This is an exciting week around the hallways of Good Leadership. After pivoting to an online broadcast format for more than 18 months, the Good Leadership Breakfast is venturing back into a ballroom this week. Through the encouragement of sponsors, clients, and friends, a new cast of characters is experimenting with a new format and a new venue. Lights, camera, [...]

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Meet Terry Rasmussen, CEO of Thrivent and Good Leadership Breakfast Speaker

Success habits are specific things leaders have learned to apply over and over again in their leadership – because they really work. As the Good Leadership Breakfast continues to evolve, we are keenly focused on helping our speakers identify their success habits, so they can share them with you! Terry Rasmussen is yet another successful executive who grew up on [...]

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