Good Leaders: What does “doing well, by doing good,” mean to you?

"You need to make it good yourself," a teacher and mentor told Amanda Brinkman. That's how her brilliant career began. Amanda was the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, May 18 - ending the Spring 2018 series. Today she is Chief Brand and Communications Officer for Deluxe Corporation, and her message "doing well by doing good" was well-defended and exceptionally well presented. Here's what she shared with us last Friday:

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Good Leaders: How are you planning your dreams?

What we concentrate on grows. Ten years ago this month, I started concentrating on the idea that I needed to start my own firm. It took me 18 months, with the help of a good friend, to take action. If you read The Bucket List Book, you know that after starting my own firm, the #1 item on my list was an African Safari. It was #1 because I knew the firm had to be successful for me to take a month off to make the Safari happen. The dream came true this past March. The setting was the most enchanting place I've ever been, and the safari was the coolest thing I've ever done. Here's why:

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Good Leaders: How does your job help you do good?

If goodness radiates from leaders who are in a good place - both personally and professionally - then Amanda Brinkman is the perfect person to close the spring Good Leadership Breakfast Series. She's our speaker next Friday, May 18, because of how she leads in her day job as Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe Corp, and for how she leads her life as a parent and champion for charities and small businesses. Her recent TEDx talk illuminates her brilliance, and confirms my claim that she comes from "a good place."

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Good Leaders: What does self care mean for you?

If you follow this blog you know that I recently returned from a 5-week sabbatical, which included a 3-week trip to South Africa with my family. It was the trip of a lifetime, during which I celebrated my 55th birthday while on Safari at the spectacular Kitchaka Game Reserve. Prior to the sabbatical I set three specific goals: 1) be 100% present with my family, 2) take care of myself, 3) listen to myself think. It was the combination of #2 and #3 which resulted in my Seven Fs "ah-ha!" moment. I'll explain:

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Good Leaders: What fears hold you back?

Erik Gabrielson explained his fear in the quest to help his son Kieran survive CDH at birth. His wife Moira - Kieran's mom - shared the moment from the stage. The final words from last Friday's Good Leadership Breakfast speakers, Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit were pointed and relevant to all: "What fear holds you back?" The roundtable [...]

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Good Leaders: What do you hear when you listen to yourself think?

How time flies. This morning, I'm returning to my work at Good Leadership Enterprises from a sabbatical. The word "sabbatical" means many things, but for me it meant significant time off - a deliberate "pause" to let go of the daily pressures of being a business owner, to rest, to enjoy my family to the fullest, and to listen to myself think. My pause included:

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Good Leaders: What mysteries of life challenge you for the better?

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petite were fiercely independent people who fell in love. They met in a “triathlete club.” Erik was an adventure junky, Moira a University Professor. “Having children wasn’t on my list,” shrugged Erik. “It wasn't not on my list either,” confirmed Moira. Then, along comes Keiran – a miracle child who was born into a life of medical marvels and whose parents learned to work together to influence the healthcare system. It was the words: “I recommend you terminate the pregnancy,” where their story really begins.

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Good Leaders: How are you sustaining your Seven Fs?

Kelsey here one more time... It’s my last blog while Paul’s out on sabbatical! I’ve spent the past month filling in for Paul in various ways – the breakfast, this blog, etc. – and it’s been a treat to stretch my Good Leadership muscles. A foundational element of the Good Leadership message is focused on being aware of how the Seven Fs are moving in and through us. We believe it’s essential to living with less stress and leading with less fear.

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Good Leaders: How are you approaching your 2018 goals?

Kelsey here, still holding down the blogging fort for Paul while he’s on sabbatical. As we end the first quarter of 2018, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this year. At the end of last year, I had started to find my stride as a new mother, and I had imagined a whole slew of things I would accomplish in 2018. Now that we’re a quarter of the way through the year, I’m checking back in on my 2018 goals…are you?

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Good Leaders: When have you shifted your leadership style?

Last Friday’s breakfast featured the most laugh-filled keynote speech I’ve heard in a long time. Paul Hillen, longtime friend of the breakfast and Chief Commercial Officer at JM Swank, teased Vikings fans and alluded to his St. Patty’s-themed boxers…and reflected on how his leadership has evolved over a thirty-year career. You can listen to clips of Paul’s story on the latest episode of the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast, where I break down his message with Good Leadership writer and producer Chloe Radcliffe. Get your half hour of inspiration today!

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