Good Leaders: How do you demonstrate courage?

Here’s a Tuesday surprise for you: it’s Kelsey writing, not Paul! While Paul’s taking his sabbatical, I’m taking over the Good Leadership Blog… and hosting this Friday’s Good Leadership Breakfast! Like Paul mentioned in last week’s blog, I’m a coach, facilitator, speaker, and new mom, and I’m thrilled to be putting my own spin on this month’s breakfast. Paul suggested a lens through which to view this challenge. Look at the facts, then consider how they make me feel and what they make me think. So here it goes:

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Good Leaders: Who around you has sparks in their eyes?

What does it mean to have "sparks" in your eyes? Here's what I think: having a “twinkle” is cute and good. But having “sparks” is magnetic and irresistible. No one fits the "sparks" description more than Kelsey Meyer Schalkle – she’s a coach, facilitator, and speaker who lights up her clients. And she’s going to be the host of the Good Leadership Breakfast in my absence on March 16, 2018.

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Good Leaders: What do you listen to for inspiration?

The term “Monday Morning Quarterback” typically describes experts reviewing and critiquing every aspect of how their favorite NFL team performed in Sunday’s game. Here’s why that’s relevant you: Today is the launch of the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast. The first series is devoted to re-broadcasting the intriguing speakers from the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. In tinkering with our strategy, we landed on “Monday Morning Quarterback” for our unique angle on both the “leadership” and “podcasting” topics which are so popular today.

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Good Leaders: How are you feeding your optimism?

Here's how a world-class optimist thinks: "We simply don't have enough problems in the world, for all of the solutions we can create," said Jurriaan Kamp, the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday. Jurriaan was in town at my invitation to share his thoughts about why optimism is so important to goodness and good leadership. Here's some of what else he had to say:

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Good Leaders: What experiments in your life are making you nervous?

Over the past four weeks, our team has been experimenting with producing The Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast. What experimenting really means is a whole lot of trial and error, raw emotions, and nervous energy. In my role as the thought leader for Good Leadership Enterprises, I spend a great deal of time creating, designing, editing, and sharpening things into simplicity. Well, the podcast trial and error has been anything but simple. It's messy, and it makes me nervous. Excited, and nervous!!

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Good Leaders: How have you grown over the past year?

One year ago, Richard Leider was the kick-off speaker at the 2017 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He was the first internationally-accomplished speaker, being known as the world's foremost authority on the power of purpose in life and leadership. By saying "yes!" to our invitation, he encouraged us to reach higher and farther for speakers to help amplify and spread the Goodness Pays message. The core of his message was that purpose helps with all aspects of life and leadership. And, for those of us who don't know our purpose yet he offered this as the place to start:

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Good Leaders: How does goodness “pay” for you?

The debate about the value of "soft" and "hard" business results isn't new. But it's taking on a new meaning for our writing team as we negotiate with skeptics on the value of goodness in business. I'm grateful for the discerning questioning from my writing partner, Paul Hillen. He’s a professionally-trained skeptic, who learned a "prove it with data" orientation from a marketing mentor at P&G. That perspective served him well at Cargill, and now at Platinum Equity Partners. Here's how we are working together to make a "soft" concept cut through the skeptical firewalls:

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Good Leaders: What do you believe about goodness?

Mother nature dumped her pure white snow on Minneapolis last night - it's the first really strong snowstorm of the season. With accumulations of more than a foot deep, she's creating huge amounts of work for anyone who needs to free a car, a sidewalk or a driveway. The timing of the snow added hardship to misery in Minnesota yesterday. The blurry blizzard added color to how Minnesota Vikings fans were already feeling from Sunday's disappointing result. Here's what I believe is the most important thing about goodness in life and leadership:

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Good Leaders: Are you ready to celebrate The Intelligent Optimist?

Living in the bold north of Minnesota requires midwinter boosts of bright energy. That’s why my team and I are excited to share a slate of speakers who radiate goodness for the 2018 Spring Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Positivity and optimism are particularly important today, as we search for effective ways to drown out the “dark noise” that dominates our media consumption. The series begins on Friday, February 16, with a world-class purveyor of optimism.

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Good Leaders: Who’s helping you spread goodness?

The twelve days of Christmas have passed. My Monday morning meditation seems a bit flat because the colorful glow of the Christmas tree is gone. The tree is on the curb, and I put the lights away for another year. So now I'm creating my own sparkle, by plugging into my two significant aspirations for 2018: 1) Finish and launch the Goodness Pays book, and 2) take my first sabbatical for rest, renewal, and family adventure. Over the course of a 32-year professional career, I've never worked on any one project that's taken 2 1/2 years. Normally, I would not be described as a person with patience. But it's now beginning to feel as if the persistence will pay off. Here's why:

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