Optimist New Year: Two weeks away – who are you helping to thrive?

Yes, the virus is raging. Mother nature is definitely off-kilter. And the dark noise of political bickering seems to be in overdrive. There are so many reasons to be concerned about our collective future...but there is brightness ahead. Just two weeks from today, the receding sunlight, will turn the corner and reverse its dark veil. December 21 is the Optimists [...]

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Bring goodness back into healthcare: Troy Simonson, Good Leadership Breakfast and Voice America Radio

Last Week... Two days before Thanksgiving, this blog announced a special Good Leadership Breakfast recorded in November featuring Troy Simonson, CEO of Revo Health. We're sending a fresh link again here.  You can watch it here. Bringing Goodness Back into Healthcare The title of Troy's talk was "Bringing goodness back into healthcare."  That's also the sub-title of a book we [...]

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Here’s a holiday season booster shot of positivity

Today's blog is an announcement of a special Good Leadership Breakfast recorded last Friday, featuring Troy Simonson, CEO of Revo Health. You can watch it here.The breakfast pivot - and pivot pointsThe invisible virus not only caused a global pandemic but also significant disruption to business as we know it. It's looking like there won't be any gatherings like the [...]

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How to help tired employees who are losing their resilience

Fear has a lot to do with feeling alone and believing nothing is going to change. Fear reduces resilience. That is relevant today, because pandemic related isolation is on the rise as daylight wanes. This has many leaders openly worried about the resilience of their teams. Following is a blog post with insight that can be immediately applied to help leaders help employees who are tired, and whose resilience is waning.

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Whatever happens today will happen

Regardless of who wins the election today, we will need to find ways to heal and unite - for the good of the nation. If you've followed this blog lately, you know I've been sharing secrets for how leaders are keeping their wits about them to stay positive. That's a good topic for today - election day in [...]

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How do we help others stay positive?

Yesterday morning was snowy and 28 degrees cold. Winter is much earlier this year, fueling fears of pandemic-isolation. What to do? Yesterday was the coldest day of the year in my Minnesota hometown since March. At 28 degrees, (and 17 degrees today?!) that's more than 30 days ahead of the natural patterns of Mother Nature. My eleven-year-old dog, [...]

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How can you work with the negativity?

This snow didn't last more than an hour. But the harsh reality of snow in October brought a wave of negativity in me that caught my attention. As I'm writing this message, snow is falling outside here in Minnesota. Seriously?  It's only October...its not suppose to be this cold and dark yet. My first thought: this is going [...]

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You can’t win if you don’t get in the game

Twenty-one years ago I was encouraged to write my first book (Inspire, Persuade, Lead), by David Ness, a friend and Medtronic executive. David saw my potential and introduced me to two people who changed my life for the better: Bill George and Lance Hazzard. At the time, Bill was the CEO of Medtronic who taught me about the intimate and [...]

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A wonderful, profound distraction: Meet Adelaide

Melinda and I enjoyed a precious moment earlier this week with our granddaughter Adelaide. By now, you know my belief in leaders blending their personal and professional lives. And, I know first-hand how living and working with a focus on the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future - helps leaders improve empathy and sincerity [...]

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Time to buy some new shoes?

Whether it seems silly or not: when I bought these new workout shoes, it lifted my mood significantly. It's hard to stay positive these days. Is it time for you to buy a new pair of shoes? There's a theme emerging in our conversations with executive leaders: we can feel the walls of our home offices closing in. [...]

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