Are you ready for the challenge?

Summer is almost in the rear-view mirror. I live in the Bold North, which means I know what kind of weather is coming soon enough when the days will get shorter the darkness will get longer. And that worries me. Why? People in the northern climates have been finding sanity and health in the pandemic by living outside as much [...]

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Is the world changing for better or worse?

We posed this question to both young and established leaders at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Thursday: Is the world changing for better or worse?  The response to this simple question was staggering, and the overall judgment? We aren’t sure. Nearly 200 people participating in-person and virtually responded: 52% think the world is changing for the better, and 48% believe the [...]

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Lights, camera…will you join the action?

Most Tuesdays are business as usual within the Good Leadership team. Today is different. Pandemic isolation canceled all large gatherings and left everyone in the event business stymied with frustration and doubt. If we can't produce the Good Leadership Breakfast Series, how do we build momentum for the mission of spreading goodness? But today is a different Tuesday. We're buzzing [...]

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What’s expected of young leaders today?

The Good Leadership Breakfast this year celebrates young leaders via Livestream on Thursday, August 20, 2020. This blog comes from the perspective of a middle-aged white male. When I was a "young leader" society was wrestling with super-high interest rates, the beginnings of the transparent corporate greed, and the onset of AIDS. While I never stopped to consider [...]

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What’s the Message We All Need to Hear?

Last week we chose "Yes!" The Good Leadership team found a way to proceed with the Good Leadership Breakfast Series, with a summertime focus on Young Leaders. It wasn't an easy decision, but the confidence and encouragement by J Allen of Masters Alliance and Mike Jones of TCF Bank helped cut through the confusion. Ultimately, we all decided the mission [...]

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Decision time: Yes or No?

The COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on large gatherings all over the world. Most businesses have been wrestling with Yes or No questions: Can we open for business?  Is the office open? Some businesses have been TOLD whether they can open or not, but most have to wrestle with the Yes/No decision-making pretzel. That includes Good Leadership. "Yes" or "No" [...]

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When will you travel again?

My first flight since the pandemic was to Kansas City to see clients. It was smooth sailing. So much of life since the pandemic has been re-thinking the assumptions about why we do the things we do. And re-evaluating. Last week I answered the question: "When will I travel again?" Re-discovering normal For many leaders like me, the sudden [...]

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Not sure how you are feeling these days? Join the club.

Yesterday morning I was confounded by the headline in The New York Times that reads: Minneapolis plans to dismantle its police force.  That's a big statement. And it left me wondering: How do I talk about all of this stuff that's going on, in ways that are respectful, and without offending anyone? So I started scouring my news sources to [...]

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Our world is burning – what do we do next?

Minneapolis - our home - is the epicenter of the most intense civil unrest of my lifetime. What's the solution? The question: How are we going to create a better future? consumes me today. Last week people were arguing about the value of wearing a mask in the context of a pandemic. Today, we are watching a world in flames [...]

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