Operational Assurance with Bruce DeWitt

Last Friday we hosted the first Good Leadership Breakfast of 2021 with guest speaker Bruce DeWitt, CEO of Testek. The conversation with Bruce centered around the idea of Operational Assurance, which he implemented within his own organization to great success. Operational Assurance means: Directors and managers deliver on the day-to-day tactics, so the executive team can deliver on transformational [...]

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Meet Bruce Dewitt, CEO of Testek

This Friday marks the return of the Good Leadership Breakfast - free, virtually, online. Through the encouragement and generosity of a vibrant group of sponsors, the breakfast is will be beamed across the land from a TV studio in Minneapolis. The 9 AM central time broadcast allows for clients and friends from east to west coasts to tap into [...]

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Rising above Pivot Fatigue

New term: Pivot Fatigue One term that I've been hearing a lot of lately is "Pivot Fatigue." Referring to the exhaustion that is setting in as: Plans keep changing and changing – both personally and professionally Working from home has lost its luster: what seemed like newly-captured productivity in 2020, has turned into a feeling of being trapped by Zoom Schools [...]

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What’s possible vs. not acceptable for a leader?

For ten years, we've started all of our engagements with the Good Leadership Coin ( it looks like a poker chip ) which displays two important questions – one on each side: What’s possible? What’s not acceptable? From my point of view, it's the team leader's job is to keep both questions top of mind in all interactions – with [...]

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What are your top three priorities?

Since the founding of Good Leadership, the rigor in how we improve executive teams comes from consistency of approach. The decision to repeat certain techniques over and over again allow coaches to uncover patterns that provide teachable moments. This approach is an equally-intense look into the “relationship capital” of an executive team and the “structural integrity” of the group. Relational [...]

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How are you aligning your team in a virtual environment?

Strategic planning meetings are looking different this year – what does that mean for your team? Across the board, companies and teams have figured out a way to do annual planning in a pandemic-inspired virtual business setting, however, many leaders are yearning for planning time in-person with their colleagues. Looking back on doing business in a pandemic, we [...]

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Is your business’s flywheel moving?

Have you allowed yourself to notice momentum? Business management expert and author Jim Collins first mentioned the “flywheel” concept in his business bestseller Built to Last. And then in 2017, he wrote an entire book on the subject: Turning the Flywheel. In a nut shell: As leaders, we have ideas that require us to push with great effort, yet [...]

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Too many holes in the bucket

“My biggest concern is that we have too many holes in the bucket,” a client recently told me. How many holes in the bucket does your organization have? Referring to the executive team as the “bucket of goodwill” for the organization is a metaphor that speaks loudly. The executive team is the vessel that holds the positivity, the decision-making, [...]

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We need more Healthy Tension

Harmony. It’s usually an idea that companies strive for. Harmony is the “gold standard” of doing business when all your employees are working together. But is harmony really achievable for organizations? Or are we just looking the other way–working on other things–pretending that everything is alright…even though it’s not alright. Hoping that one day, things will get better? Too often [...]

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Thrive Together Thinking

Goodness is when people thrive together. In today’s world, that’s a transformational idea.   One CEO shared a story of goodness and good leadership with me:  Good leadership recognizes that transformational ideas can come from anyone, at any time, from anywhere in the organization  At this CEO’s company, employees decided they didn’t want to be passive in their industry. They decided to create their own rules to ensure the betterment of their customers first. They chose to charge less for their services as a [...]

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