Our world is burning – what do we do next?

Minneapolis - our home - is the epicenter of the most intense civil unrest of my lifetime. What's the solution? The question: How are we going to create a better future? consumes me today. Last week people were arguing about the value of wearing a mask in the context of a pandemic. Today, we are watching a world in flames [...]

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Have you noticed who is growing around you?

Have you noticed new growth in the talent around you? Now is a good time to coach and develop the people around you who are thriving. The surest sign of springtime is the sight of growth. Everywhere we look outside trees and shrubs are sprouting. And blooming. That's what's happening in your organization as well. If you look [...]

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What’s holding back your inspiring new ideas?

You are strong and mentally tough. You've endured the hardest part of the ambiguity of COVID-19, and new insights about your business are stirring your sense of positivity. That's what good leaders do! Remember the Bell Curve. Some of those ideas are radical ideas that will take some sales savvy to help your people see the possibilities…and others are just [...]

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Is it Time to Upgrade?

Looking at our businesses through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic brings the law of supply and demand into focus. Gasoline prices are low, because the supply is high and the demand is low. Many consumers are considering upgrades to big-ticket items like cars, appliances, and even houses because "money" is cheap...and the supply is up. Does that apply to [...]

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Common Sense: 5 Simple Success Factors

Join leaders like you from across the country to explore the question: Why isn't common sense, common practice? We're all about spreading goodness in leadership and business, because we've proven goodness pays. "What's goodness?" you ask. Goodness is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork. Goodness is not a sport for superheroes. [...]

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How are you sparking innovation to get back on track?

71% of business leaders are not adjusting their goals because of the COVID-19 crisis. That means we all better start thinking of Breakthrough Goals, and transformational ways to get back on track. How Goodness Pays Tomorrow is episode 6 of the Good Leadership Wednesday Webinars. Attendance is growing and we have evidence that attendees are increasing their resilience, and decreasing [...]

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Isn’t it time to start preparing for the upturn?

Last week, we surveyed leaders from around the country who were gathered together via the Good Leadership Wednesday Webinars, and we learned some interesting information: 34% don’t believe their plans are “compelling” anymore. That’s significant – larger than a pandemic. 60% are not yet preparing their people for the “upturn. To which I ask: "What are we waiting for?" Looking [...]

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Where is the goodness in all this?

Good leaders ask the right questions at the right time to bring out the best in people. In Minnesota, we just learned the Governor asked us to "shelter in place" for another three weeks. I know, I know...I'm helping to flatten the curve. And I'm saving lives. And I have lots of choices and protections in my life that remind me how safe my life really is. But I'm ornery and slightly depressed. I don't use those words lightly. So that has me asking the question: Where is the goodness in all this?!

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Wednesday Webinar: How Aspirational Thinking Improves Life and Leadership

Now is not the time to cut back on the support, encouragement, and development of our leaders. That's why we are continuing an 8-week, free Wednesday Webinar series, featuring the same tools and models we use in our CEO and Senior Executive Team coaching. It's the right thing to do - we're all pushing back the Dark Noise of the media, searching for the new normal. Tomorrow's program will produce intensely personal coaching insights from:

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Wednesday Webinars: Leading Through Change and Loss

Now is not the time to pull back on supporting, nurturing, and inspiring your leaders. Tomorrow is Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - the first day of our Wednesday Webinar series to help leaders grow and stay positive while being forced to work through social isolation. We're doing our public service by making the Good Leadership tools and coaching models available through the Coronavirus scare. It's easy for you and your colleagues to join us.

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