Today is the day to answer this:
What are you putting in your bucket?

Let The Bucket List Book help you make the
things you aspire to a reality.

Research that will change your life.
Aspirational thinking is essential to happiness and good leadership. The Bucket List Book features proprietary research of 400 leaders, revealing the secret to making your Bucket List come alive. You’ll find tips, ideas, The Bucket List Game, and tools to improve your leadership inside.
The Bucket List Book includes tips on:
  • Defining what a Bucket List is
  • Aspirational Thinking
  • Sharing your Bucket List with others
  • Concentrating on your Bucket List

Your Bucket List isn’t going to create itself.
Get started.

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“I am convinced that everyone should have a Bucket List. A Bucket List is personal and ever changing— something to be cherished and shared. My Bucket List gave me a reason to live. I hope building your Bucket List has an impact on you — because the way you think can save your life.”

– Kevin Warren, COO
Minnesota Vikings, NFL

Insights from the first-ever
Bucket List research project.


35% of people say they have an item to “visit a country, city, or famous landmark.”


56% of people with a Bucket List are between the ages of twenty-five and fifty-four.


84% of the items on Bucket Lists have no firm completion date.

Because of the 2007 Bucket List movie, it’s easy to assume a Bucket List has to do with dying. But it doesn’t. This book is about what a Bucket List has to do with living.

Bucket List author and
thought-leader Paul Batz

Paul Batz is the Founder and CEO of Good Leadership Enterprises who is living his Bucket List. In September of 2016, he attended his first Green Bay Packer game at Lambeau Field…because he shared his wish with Packer fan Paul Hillen, who made it happen. Disclosure: Paul Batz is a Vikings fan. He’s also one of America’s top leadership bloggers and author of six books, which have sold more than 100,000 copies.

“The first step to living your dreams is filling your Bucket List with your greatest aspirations—because if you’re not dreaming it, you’re not making progress! What are you putting in your bucket?”

– Mark Bergman, CEO
HANDy Paint Products
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The first title on the Good Leadership Press label is The Bucket List Book: How Aspirational Thinking Improves Life and Leadership, by Paul Batz with Mark Bergman.