Turning a big
problem into a
once-in-a-lifetime win

Turning a big
problem into a
once-in-a-lifetime win

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Project

A project that ended with a standing ovation by the CEO, began with a vote of “no confidence” by the CIO to the Board. It was a once-in-a-lifetime challenge –  $250 million IT project that involved separating a $40 billion business in less than 13 months. Faced with unprecedented turnaround time and huge financial repercussions, the management team examined their leadership style, motivated by the idea: “Could this be our finest hour?”

How did they turn it around,
deliver on time, and save $30 million?

The Vice President of IT, Business Separation made a request to his CFO: a budget for leadership development retreats and individual coaching to improve leadership on the project. The Good Leadership coaching team met the needs of the project team using data-driven tools and processes to capture and hold their attention. The Good Leadership Team Momentum Survey identified gaps in team alignment and blind spots for the team as well as structural and procedural breakdowns that were causing delay, frustration, and credibility issues.

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Four Team Momentum Surveys, used over six months, measured important areas for improvement in team effectiveness.
First Survey – Identifying the Baseline
Final Survey – Measuring the Transformation
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Coaching, Retreats and Visioning

Business transformation means the leaders need to embrace the notion that “what got you here, won’t get you there.” To make a significant shift in leadership behaviors, the team followed the Lead Smart process and created “forced timeout” retreats to pause, reflect, assess, and refocus. Over time, a transformation began to take place.
Lead Smart® retreats and individual coaching created
momentum toward important goals.

The Results

  • On time delivery of project.
  • $30 million under budget.
  • Team momentum and alignment.
  • Celebration of accomplishment. Upon receiving the report on the IT project, the company board recognized the accomplishment with a standing ovation, stating this will be the new standard going forward.
  • Career next steps for each of the team members.

“Just three months into the biggest project in the history of our company, we were way behind and really stressed. In the end, we were the only work stream to finish on time and under budget. Looking back…giving back $30 million to the corporation may have been our finest hour as leaders.”

Vice President of IT, Business Separation

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