Our coaches deliver the highest quality, highest efficiency programs in the industry around two specific elements of leadership:

1. Personal Leadership: How individual leaders “show up” in all situations

2. Working Together: The art and science of creating great results with a team

Clients work with best-in-market coaches who are carefully matched based on specific needs and availability.

Our coaching client mix today includes:

CEO and Business Owners
Senior Executive/VP Level
Manager/Emerging Leader

Clients seek help with these challenges:

  • Finding focus areas to grow to the next level
  • Managing competing work & home life priorities
  • Influencing within complex workplace cultures
  • Building and motivating effective teams: formal and informal
  • Accelerating talent development and personal coaching skills
  • Developing succession plans, and high potential leaders
  • Aligning the interests of Boards, Executive Teams, Customer and Employee groups

Coaching Philosophy:

The most effective coaching processes build positive momentum in both the personal and professional lives of leaders – and always include direct involvement of the leadership team.

All coaching services leverage the following five stages to ensure growth and acceleration to stated goals:


Aspirations > Insight > Observations > Goal-Setting > Step Up Challenges

Good Leadership Enterprises Coaching Programs

CEO Coaching: Coaching for leaders at the top of an organization

Clients experience an intense coaching process, integrating both personal and professional development goals. The coaching includes periodic assessments and planning exercises, including the formation of a personal advisory group. The process features quarterly engagement of the senior executive team and the company’s board to ensure alignment of individual and organizational goals. Minimum 18 months.


  • Compelling vision and strategy
  • Healthier, happier senior relationships and culture
  • Board & Executive Team Alignment
  • Stronger executive team

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We made the commitment to coaching at the highest levels to help everyone grow in our bank. Today, OneWest Bank is one of the best places to grow a career on the west coast. We know coaching works.
Joseph Otting, CEO, OneWest Bank
Lead Smart© Action Learning: For groups and teams

Clients experience a best-in-class action learning process where high potential leaders focus their learning on a critical business issue. This is the highest return on investment coaching experience because Lead Smart© is a triple play: the organization increases capacity, the participants grow into a strong team, and the individuals accelerate their growth in the context of the business. Good Leadership coaches are directly involved in facilitating individual and team learning experiences. Minimum 6 people, over 4-9 months.


  • Increased commitment with high potential leaders
  • More leaders growing faster toward the next level
  • Fresh energy and insight on important business issues
  • Tangible commitment to leadership development
  • Increased motivation and resilience for leadership

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The good leadership movement is thriving because focusing leaders on goodness and blending the Seven Fs really works. Cargill is proud to be sponsors and clients, because we know it takes good leadership for us to thrive around the globe.
Paul Hillen, VP of Corporate Brand and Marketing, Cargill
Good Leadership Team Development: Coaching for formal and informal leadership and executive teams

Clients experience a facilitated team development process based on the Good Leadership Team Momentum Survey© – a research-based assessment tool and report. Teams learn relational and structural strategies of team leadership to generate better results with less stress and more fun. Minimum 4 months.


  • Compelling vision and strategy
  • More cohesive relationships
  • Clarity about roles and decision-making
  • Better, more disciplined follow-through
  • Increased motivation and resilience for leadership

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The Good Leadership Team Momentum survey is the most valuable tool I’ve ever used in building my leadership team. The process is valuable, because it’s focused on the business – not just a touchy feely program.
Matthew Allnatt, COO, Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, California
The Next Level: Coaching for senior executives

Clients experience an integrated coaching process: with goals for both personal and professional development, and processes that include participation by the executive team. The Next Level program features the use of the Good Leadership Team Momentum Survey©, and a minimum of two Alignment Meetings with the leader’s immediate manager or CEO. Minimum 9 months.


  • Manager & leader alignment on development goals
  • Stronger, more cohesive senior executive relationships
  • Higher team engagement toward important goals
  • Increased motivation and resilience for leadership

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The Good Leadership coaching changed how I approach my career, and my life. I’m happier, less worried and much more effective on the job.
Jeff Shular, Retail Banking Executive, Santa Monica, California
Personal Leadership Coaching: Leaders preparing for the next level

Clients experience a blended coaching experience, integrating both personal and professional goals. The coaching helps isolate 2-3 specific leadership behaviors required to be ready for the next level. Minimum 4 months.


  • Three year personal and professional strategic plan
  • Action plan for development of key behaviors
  • Increased motivation and resiliency for leadership

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My Good Leadership experience has been amazing – I’m focused and inspired to reach the next level of my leadership. I couldn’t give this coaching a higher recommendation.
Heidi Humphrey, US Bank Private Client Reserve
Good Start©: Coaching for new leaders or new idea acceleration

Clients experience a structured program to help new leaders and new ideas succeed faster. The program makes efficient use of executive onboarding best practices, the Good Leadership Team Momentum survey, and coaching for individual and team effectiveness. Minimum 4 months.


  • Manager & leader alignment on development goals
  • Higher team engagement toward important goals
  • Increased motivation and resilience for leadership

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I made a huge jump in my career, and the Good Start program was fantastic in helping me make it at the next level. I’m certain I would have struggled with my team had I not used this process.
Ruthanne Melbourne, Senior Banking Executive, Pasadena, California
Good Leadership Training©: Peer group coaching for emerging leaders

Good Leadership TrainingGood Leadership Training is an intense, facilitated, training experience where emerging leaders learn through proven tools, case studies, interactive discussions and real-time practice. As the workshop version of the firm’s executive coaching process, participants learn to use the same tools and concepts from Good Leadership Enterprises’ executive coaching services.

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The learning in this program is so actionable that you will immediately be able to put it to use. We’ve seen the results directly impact our core businesses.

Kimpa Moss, COO at Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP

Pricing Strategy:

All coaching engagements are priced from a baseline, with increases or decreases based on:

The Coaches:

Coaches are selected and developed to meet the following qualifications:

  • Modeling the Cornerstones of Goodness: rewarding excellence, living generously, promoting fairness and spreading positivity
  • Understanding how organizations develop a competitive advantage, operate profitably and grow
  • How adults learn and grow through insight, coaching and stretch experiences
  • Facilitating teams for higher effectiveness
  • Role modeling a Blended Seven Fs lifestyle
Kevin Sensenig Senior Coaching Associate Strategy, Team Momentum, and Assessment Specialist

Kevin Sensenig
Senior Coaching Associate, Ph.D., RODP

Marsha King Senior Coaching Associate

Marsha King
Senior Coaching Associate

Ginine Capozzi Senior Coaching Associate

Ginine Capozzi
Senior Coaching Associate

Good Leadership Enterprises Coach Kelsey Meyer Schalkle

Kelsey Meyer Schalkle
Senior Coaching Associate

Peter Germann Senior Coaching Associate

Peter Germann
Senior Coaching Associate

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