Executive Coaching

What does inconsistent leadership cost
your organization?

Good Leadership Executive Coaching is exponentially more powerful than simply finding a coach.
Our difference: we specialize in increasing the consistency of leadership of the executive team.

The best way to protect and grow a business is a strong executive team.
That’s what Good Leadership does.
~Richard Davis, former CEO, US Bank

The expertise comes alive in a well-orchestrated system of data-driven tools and techniques, that create alignment, commitment, and open accountability throughout the leadership team. Good Leadership Coaches provide the encouragement your executives need to become the leaders they want to be, with the results the CEO wants to see.

Our experience comes from coaching
this mix of team leaders:

CEO and Business Owners
Senior Executive/VP Level
Manager/Emerging Leader

“Several of my past organizations offered coaching as I moved to new levels in my career.
I’ve never experienced anything as powerful as the Good Leadership Coaching approach.
Their tools are great. They are insightful, direct, flexible, and best of all,
100% focused on my success in the organization. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

– Dan McGinty, CEO

Who is coaching you?

International executive coaching industry research reveals:


55% of executives today are disappointed with the general leadership development investments they make in growing leaders.


More than 90% say they would recommend coaching to others.

The recipients of executive team coaching identify that involving the whole team is the fastest, most consistent,
most tangible return on investment.
So, what are you waiting for…who is coaching you?

Not all coaches are created equal.

Executive coaching has become a cottage industry. In the US, there are more than 100,000 executive coaches, with 85% of those coaches working part time, by themselves out of their homes. Less than 20% have a methodology or a certification.

Good Leadership Coaches are highly trained, Hogan certified, and aimed at improving organizational performance. It’s not enough to measure “satisfaction” with your coach. We’re willing to measure how well your people are working together on the most important priorities. And we will ensure the business metrics you expect to go “up” are going up, and those you expect to go “down” are going down. We are both willing and able to make that promise.

When it’s time to choose your coaches, you have choices. You’ll find coaches with corporate, private, and small business experience. For profit and non-profit – Midwest, East and West Coast. And most have international experience.

It’s less about whether your coach has “walked in your shoes before,” and more about choosing a good coach. Industry data show how CEOs, business owners, executives, and emerging leaders get the best results when they find three things from their coach:
  1. Can understand how my business works
  2. Knows how to motivate powerful people like me
  3. Will help me get people working together, better on the highest priorities

“Good Leadership Coaching was just what I needed to learn to be the CEO I wanted to be. I’m finding my voice and leveraging my team in new ways. Today, I believe we are on the path to gold medal results. It really works.”

– Megan Remark, CEO
Regions Hospital

What’s different?
An Aspirational Approach inspires
faster growth and better performance.

No one likes to be labeled as a “problem” or someone who needs to be rescued. That’s why we don’t believe in the Scientific Method
of coaching… because it begins with an assessment to find the problem. Poor team performance is never just about one “bad apple.” It’s not that simple.
Adults only grow and change if they want to! The best performance comes from an environment where people thrive together, in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork. Good Leadership coaching is based on research which proves the only way to overcome our human proclivity for negativity and hard-to-break habits is people working together toward a compelling goal. In other words, leaders need vivid aspirations to embrace and accept coaching. Aspirational thinking unlocks “What’s possible?” and creates the motivational pull to try new things and see new pathways to better results.

The Good Leader Growth Curve is our proprietary development philosophy.

Three myths about executive coaching:

Coaching is soft and doesn’t create an ROI.

The most powerful measure of coaching effectiveness is the bottom line impact on the business. Higher employee engagement reduces the cost of employment. Faster decision-making increases efficiency. A stronger team produces faster growth and higher margins.

Anyone can
be a coach.

While many people call themselves “coaches,” it’s important to find a coach affiliated with a firm who has coaching tools. And, someone who understands business, how adults grow, and how organizations work in teams.

Coaching is

A big part of coaching is a safe place to think out loud, and a bottomless well of encouragement. That’s why some clients retain their coach for 3-5 years. Why not? If it’s working, it’s worth continuing.

What can I expect from my coaching?

Coaching without goals, structure, and a public process is therapy. We don’t do therapy. You can expect your Good Leadership Coaching to be an open system where team members and colleagues will see the use of best-in-class coaching tools, personality inventories, and surveys to accentuate the personal expertise of your coach.
You’ll start with Personal Visioning exercises to spark the aspirations of you and your team. And along the way, we’ll interview the people important to your success, engage your team, and create step up challenges to ensure progress.
Even CEOs need help with accountability. That’s why you will need to identify a sponsor for your coaching who will participate in at least one Alignment Meeting – a facilitated discussion where you and your sponsor will calibrate your vision and goals with the commitments to ensure success. Coaching from Good Leadership is all about ensuring people thrive together, in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork. That’s what you can expect.