The highest form of praise for any good leader is
You radiate goodness.

Good leaders build their foundation on the Cornerstones of Goodness©: rewarding excellence, living generously, promoting fairness, and spreading positivity. When goodness is an intention for everyday leadership, it comes back as an outcome.
Goodness pays, because goodness grows!
Research since 2013 indicates 84% of leaders believe goodness pays. And yet, less than 50% of employees surveyed during that same time frame “see and feel” goodness in their workplace. What they say is missing most from their leaders is “spreading positivity.”

What gets in the way of Goodness?

Pressure, stress, and the false belief that only Superhero leaders achieve great results are what get in the way. It takes courage and personal resilience to lead with goodness.
Three myths about the Cornerstones of Goodness:
  1. They are soft and can’t be measured, so the cornerstones have no value
  2. Goodness is a religious concept, a God thing that should be kept personal
  3. People who lead with Goodness are weak and can be easily exploited
None of these myths are true: employees, customers, and the community at large can all see, feel, and measure excellence, generosity, fairness, and positivity. And, they reward leaders who radiate goodness.
The Cornerstones of Goodness create consistently positive financials and stronger relationships so we can all thrive together.

4 out of every 5 leaders surveyed state they believe Goodness pays, yet less that half are satisfied with the business results they’re getting.

We know how to achieve consistently positive business results through relationships
where people feel like they are thriving together.

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