Summer is gone and we’re all back at full speed. So why should you take an hour out of your week to work on your leadership this Friday? Because the Good Leadership Breakfast speaker is a one-of-a-kind leader, who has three pragmatic success habits that will improve your leadership.

The Speaker
Duchesne Drew, President of Minnesota Public Radio, is speaking on the theme of: thriving together. He will share his experiences as the first African American executive in his role, including how his team is reinventing their business model as a result of social media, a global pandemic, and the increasing intensity of the racial injustice movement.

Success Habits
Success Habits are things leaders have learned to repeat over and over again, because they really work. From Duchesne, you will hear about these three success habits that help the MPR team create great results:

  1. “Outside-in” Stakeholder Mentality for measuring success
  2. Bi-weekly Executive Meetings, with a structured agenda organized around the vision and the goals
  3. Requiring Equal Voice at the Executive Team Table: everyone weighs in, so they can share the goals

Amazing Evolution
The Good Leadership Breakfast was born during the Great Recession when people were exhausted from the effects of the biggest economic meltdown of our lifetimes. Everyone was working really hard, just trying to keep their jobs – or their companies – alive. So when I asked a group of leaders if they wanted to get together to discuss this question: Do you still believe goodness pays?…73 people showed up. And they demanded we repeat that meeting.

That was almost 12 years ago. And we’ve kept the goodness pays conversation going through the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. This Friday will be the 92ndepisode. The longevity and the continuous improvement of the content are sources of both pride and satisfaction for the team. The series will continue as a virtual (and free) broadcast through the end of this year, coming to you live from a TV studio in the Minneapolis area.


We look forward to seeing you online this Friday at 9 AM CST to learn from all that Duchesne has to offer. If you haven’t registered yet, you can here.