Julie Mattson radiates goodness by focusing on being her whole self at work and at home.

Julie Mattson has a tough job: she’s an HR manager at Katun Corporation; a company in the uncertainty of a CEO search. Her goals are to make sure that employees feel supported and receive clear communication. Achieving those goals requires fairness and positivity; two of the four cornerstones of goodness. In order to create stability in the turbulence, Julie is putting the tools and concepts she learned in Good Leadership Training to work.

Personal Development

Rewind the clock by a year: after four Katun leaders came back from Good Leadership Training thrilled with their growth, Julie figured she might as well go to see what all the fuss was about. She saw immediate applications for Training Tools back at the office. “I knew the Team Momentum Survey would help create more open communication and allow for honest feedback, and the Team Development Plan was a great follow-up to put solutions into action.”

She was excited to examine her own leadership, too. “The facilitators connect with leaders like me immediately. They create a friendly, welcoming environment where peers can challenge each other respectfully.” Since Training, Julie measures herself on the Seven Fs: Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future. She’s focused on Fitness and Finance, and has felt healthier at home and more energetic at work. “The program helped me identify important areas to develop that I had trouble identifying in myself.”


Julie keeps her Personal Leadership Branding Billboard displayed in her office as a reminder of the leadership lessons that are most important to her. Her son helped her build her billboard.

Julie still uses a couple favorite tools from Training every day: she thinks about how satisfied she is with her Seven Fs in the morning, and she has her Personal Leadership Branding Billboard up in her office to remind her who she is as a worker, a mom, a boss, and a friend. “I’m not two different people at work and at home – I bring the whole Julie Mattson everywhere. The Billboard helped me embrace that, and I am now better about being honest and constructive with the people around me.”

Company in Transition

Any business transition is unsettling for employees, and Julie says she has more confidence in Katun’s leaders because of the Good Leadership Training. She watched them focus more on communication and clarity of expectations when they came back from Training. A few of her peers share my weekly blog with their teams…I’m willing to bet they will be reading about themselves today! Julie says discussions about good leadership have engendered more trust throughout the company, which has been core to keeping a positive culture in the ever-changing environment of a CEO search.


Julie and other leaders at Katun were so inspired by the message of goodness and the cornerstone of generosity, they organized Katun’s first-ever gift drive for children in need.

The tools from Training are helping Katun leaders and teams move the business forward amidst the uncertainty – one of their marketing departments is planning to do the same billboard exercise that Julie loved so much. “We have tenure in our leaders, but the tools are reminders of how to create trust, respect, and unity right now. This is when our company needs visibility, honesty, and goodness in leadership the most.”

Good leaders are honest in times of transition… about the good and the bad. And they keep spirits up by radiating goodness.

Please share with me: how have you seen goodness while navigating uncertainty?