Good Leadership 2015 Annual Report - How do we know we're doing any Good?

Click on the image to view the digital flipbook version of our 2015 Annual Report.

I feel accountable to you. As a reader of this blog, you invest your time because on some level you believe it makes you a better leader. And through the lens of the Seven Fs…faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future…maybe a better person?

So, I feel accountable to you. And specifically in my role as CEO of Good Leadership Enterprises – looking through the lens of our coaching, training, speaking and events. I feel obligated to answer the question: How do we know we are doing any good?

This past Friday at the Good Leadership Breakfast, all guests received a hard copy of our firm’s 2015 Annual Report. You can view a digital flipbook version of the report here (and also download it).


Good Leadership 2015 Annual Report - The Why

Is it time for you to consider hanging up your Superhero leadership cape?

The “Why” behind the movement

At the core of the Good Leadership movement is this idea: We think its time to hang up the cape: The Superhero model of leadership, where one leader calls the shots and attracts the credit, is too risky. In the age of information transparency and collaboration, the more sustainable style is Good Leadership, because it’s all about working together.

Working together is the only way we will grow our businesses, improve our communities and create a hopeful future for all of us.

Our speaker at the breakfast, Colleen Needles Steward, CEO of Tremendous! Entertainment, was a shining example of how our point of view comes to life in good leadership. She spoke openly about how her faith was alive in her work and how “focus” became her “favorite” in the Seven Fs. And, she beamed with pride explaining how her son was the producer of the Rock the Park show that earned Tremendous! Entertainment its first Emmy.

Good Leadership Enterprises 2015 Annual Report - Positivity ignites what's possible

Good leaders know their positive energy is that one special ingredient that makes great things possible.

Promise to help

Through coaching, speaking, training and events we see ourselves as catalysts to help good leaders make bold moves with good leadership. 2015 included:

● Hosting 2,858 event guests
● Raising more $51,000 through the Good Leadership Breakfast – for a total of more than $150,000 since 2010.
● 11 leadership team retreats to launch compelling plans
● 24 Training sessions and more than 70 leaders in coaching – raising the total leaders coached to 568 in the past six years.

Good Leadership Enterprises 2015 Annual Report - Our vision for the future of good leadershipThe most satisfying part of sparking the movement is the continued loyalty and encouragement from you. Being invited into the leadership journey of good leaders is the highest honor of our craft. We feel accountable to you for what you do to help us radiate goodness.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Looking ahead, we are focusing on women leaders in 2016 at the Good Leadership Breakfasts. Later this week, Melinda and I are hosting our first executive destination retreat. The Good Leadership Training programs are expanding through the Performance Excellence Network. And we are working on the plans for the next book.

Good leaders thrive because they feel accountable to their friends, colleagues and clients. And they understand that it’s time to remove Superhero cape and focus on getting people to work together.

Please share with me: Who do you feel accountable to?