We all know what it feels like to get knocked down and have the urge to quit. Good Leaders help each other get back up and find our confidence again.

We always get back up. Every good leader knows what it is like to face failure of some form or another: when we get knocked down, we always find a way to get back up. But who gets to decide if you are failing or not: Is it possible you are knocking yourself down?

Why is confidence fleeting?

Confidence can be as fickle as a Cardinal on the deck fence. It’s beautifully magnetic when present, but can fly away with the slightest hiccup.

Sometimes one quiet hiccup is all it takes to scare our confidence away.

Sometimes one quiet hiccup is all it takes to scare our confidence away.

Lately, I’ve been rebuilding my own confidence – a series of uncanny events has knocked me a little bit off balance. And I’ve noticed when the words “should” or “failure” creep into my mind it makes me crazy!  Is it possible I’m my own worst enemy?

Recommended reading

So, I’ve been reading my own advice to get my edge back: On April 3, 2012, I whimsically wrote about the saying: “Pull yourself up by your boot straps.”  It’s also Chapter 26 in our Good Leadership Today ebook. My source of inspiration was Seth Godin’s cute little book The Dip. He described ‘the dip’ as that moment when you realize you’ve lost momentum in something you are building (or chasing) and you are feeling the urge to ‘quit.’

Chapter 26 in our eBook is about finding our confidence again.

Chapter 26 in our eBook is about finding our confidence again.

I’m inspired by my own advice: I believe nothing significant is ever accomplished alone.  And, the best way to embrace ‘the dip’ is to call on our friends and ask for help.  Funny…when our friends pull on our boot straps, we are lifted up.  And we get back on track.  Looking back, the dip sharpens our convictions and deepens our friendships.

I’m up at the lake this week, recharging my batteries and working my way through the dip. I’m rethinking some things in our business that are creating the urge to ‘quit.’ It’s good! By Monday, I’ll have my A-game again: flying to Los Angeles to spread goodness with clients.

Good Leadership Breakfast - Tim and Jon Schmidt

Father and son team, Tim and Jonathan Schmidt will share lessons learned from Blending the Seven Fs on Mount Rainier.

I will joyfully return by Friday, August 15, for the kick-off to the Fall Good Leadership Breakfast Series. In my next blog I’ll introduce you to our speakers Tim and Jonathan Schmidt.

Good Leaders make a habit to embrace ‘the dip’ as a moment to re-think what’s important. And they reach out to friends and family to help them rebuild their confidence – because nothing significant is ever accomplished alone.

Please share with us: how do you rebuild your confidence?