The Seven Fs Wheel

When was the last time you completed your Seven Fs Wheel?

Elizabeth Grande is asking you: When was the last time you completed a Seven Fs Wheel? It’s our signature tool that measures satisfaction on Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future. Elizabeth is a Sales Specialist at Thomson Reuters, a Bikram yoga instructor, and she recommends using the Seven Fs Wheel weekly. “It helps me match my time, money, and effort with my values and goals.”

Weekly Check-Ins

After graduating from Good Leadership Training, Elizabeth developed a new routine. “Every Saturday I evaluate myself on each of the Seven Fs for the past week.” Elizabeth records her scores in her calendar, and looks back over the months to find themes. “Seeing trends in my scores is kind of my eighth F: how am I feeling every week? Happy? Stressed? Excited?” She uses this exercise to decide where she will proactively direct her effort in both the short- and long-term.

You can get the Seven Fs Wheel for yourself here.

Bikram yoga is part of Elizabeth's expression of Faith. What F are you working on?

Bikram yoga is part of Elizabeth’s expression of Faith. What F are you working on?

For a lot of us, Fitness is the hardest F – but not Elizabeth. She has always exercised nearly every day. So now, she is deliberately blending her Fitness habits to improve Friends and Faith. “I want to nurture my friendships more, but I don’t want to go to a happy hour every night – so I suggest cycling or a yoga class with my friends.”

It’s Faith that sometimes stumps Elizabeth. “I went to Catholic school from grade school through law school, but I’m still searching for the right expression of spirituality for me.” She talked with her peers in Good Leadership Training about alternative forms of worship and what really constitutes faith. And she’s blending it with her strength in Fitness: “I go to Bikram yoga every Sunday morning, and I see it as a form of worship. I’m working on accepting what’s right for me.”

What Do You Really Want?

The Seven Fs and Goal Setting

Elizabeth golfs with her mother and her 93-year-old grandmother…talk about goals!

Elizabeth recently changed roles at work and was hoping for a management position – but she discovered that her business unit didn’t offer what she wanted. So she drilled deeper into that dream and set more specific goals, taking her weekly Seven Fs trends into consideration. “I wanted to develop special expertise, change up my daily routine, and have future opportunities to move up.” She chose to make a lateral move – a decision that many of us have struggled with as our careers unfold. Elizabeth faced-down the assumption that we should always be moving “up,” and deliberately chose a role that set her up for the long-term.

Good leaders make a habit of self-reflection to help them thrive. And they deliberately blend the Seven Fs to improve their personal and professional lives.

Please tell me: How could using the Seven Fs Wheel weekly help you?

You can get the Seven Fs Wheel for yourself here.