Good Leaders align their work to the Seven Fs.

Most leaders like to move quickly these days, making decisions from everyday assumptions. How can learning more about the Seven Fs help us be a better leader?

Assumptions. Most decisions are based on assumptions like: I assume you are interested. I assume you are available. I assume you will pay your bill. But what happens to our effectiveness when we have flawed assumptions?

Since 2010, we’ve been researching, writing, speaking, and coaching on the idea that goodness pays. And that goodness comes from leaders who have a strong and stable command of the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future. Recently, a powerful business owner asked me: “Will you please help me see the connection between your Seven Fs, and my leadership?”

Coaching for you

“Can you think of it this way?” I coached. “Which of the Seven Fs best describes how you think about your work?” He paused and said: “Doesn’t everyone think of their work as finances?” he wondered.  

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No, they don’t. Our research shows the more leadership responsibility people have, the more they think about their work as “future.” And most employees will say: family, friends and fun, before they say “finances.” What he discovered that moment is how his assumptions led to flawed decision-making in his leadership. Here’s why:

Understanding increases commitment

Nothing significant ever happens alone – which means we need teams to get big things done. The highest performing teams have two conditions alive at all times:

  1. The people involved care about one another both personally and professionally.
  2. Because they care, they build bold plans and solve difficult challenges together.

“Do you think I should ask my people about their Seven Fs at work?” he mused? I gave him a set of Seven Fs Conversation Cards and recommended he buy pizza for lunch to get the conversation started. Maybe that’s a good idea for you too?

Good leaders make good decisions with good assumptions. And that includes knowing how faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future impact how the people around them think about their work.

Please share with me: Which of the Seven Fs best describes how you think about your work?