Richard Leider Founder of Inventure – The Purpose Company

Richard Leider, Founder of Inventure – The Purpose Company

The 8th year of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series starts on February 10, 2017, with a legend in the leadership coaching and human development field, Richard Leider. Here’s the full line up for the spring – mark your calendars for some inspiration with your morning coffee four Friday mornings this spring. Season tickets are the best way to ensure you can see the speaker you wish.

This year, we are returning to our roots: organizing the topics by The Seven Fs: February is an overview by a master coach. March is Faith, April is Family, May is Finances. June and July we are all resting. August is Fitness, September is Friends, October is Fun and November is Future. Our goal this year is to bring the inner passion to the surface, so we can thrive in leading change, building teams, influencing, coaching and radiating goodness. 

The speakers: wonderful role models

Richard Leider is ranked by Forbes as one of the top 5 most respected executive coaches in the U.S. This February, he’ll share his visionary work on the power of purpose. Leider reminds his clients that they already possess purpose, and he fosters their will to live long and well. Richard is one of my mentors, and he is a globally-respected curator of leadership programming. In many ways, he is the vision I have in my own head about who I want to be when I grow up. Richard’s topic for February 10 is: The Power of Purpose.

Can IT be happy?

Marc Miller Owner of Imagine IT Founder of The Gunnar Project

Marc Miller, Owner of Imagine IT
Founder of The Gunnar Project

Marc Miller focuses on happiness every single day. He’s taken on the role of “Chief Happiness Officer” at his firm, Imagine IT, using positivity to connect with new clients. He pours the rest of his energy into The Gunnar Project, where he and a network of millennials inspire other young people to intentionally pursue happiness.

Marc’s story is incredibly inspirational – rooted in the horrors of losing a child. And also uplifting in the ways his son lives on today in Marc’s work. Marc’s topic for March 17 is: Using Positivity to Inspire.

Millenials radiating goodness

Alex Steinman Communications Director at Fallon

Alex Steinman, Communications Director at Fallon

Alex is a master of the blended life. She’s the communications director at Fallon, the founder and owner of Strong Like Mama (a blog and clothing line) and also a mother. She uses her business to create positive messages of strength for women and mothers.

The first time I met Alex, I was overwhelmed by the sense that I need to get to know this woman better!  She radiates goodness, and she’s not afraid to share her strategy – and her point of view – with anyone. Alex’s topic for April 21 is: Effectiveness through a Blended Life.

Finances for good

Nathan Dungan Founder and President of Share, Save, Spend

Nathan Dungan, Founder and President of Share, Save, Spend

Nathan helps youth and adults develop healthy, values-based money habits through Share Save Spend. He supports overall well-being by teaching youth about money, helping to decrease materialism and increase self-esteem.

Nathan is one of those people I just can’t get enough of! His insights about the psychology of everyday living are simple and smart. He expresses so freely what people like you and I are thinking and feeling about how our money funds our priorities. Nathan’s topic for May 12 is: How to Fund Your Priorities.

Good leaders are constantly investing in their own growth and development. And they take their inspiration back into the office to help others grow with goodness.

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