Good Leadership Breakfast Speaker - Justin Hanratty

Justin Hanratty, CEO of Hanratty Associates, will inspire new growth in you.

What is the most important decision we make every day as leaders? To be happy.

I’m really happy to introduce you to Justin Hanratty – the closing speaker for the Spring 2015 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He’s a bright young husband, father and CEO, who is creating a passionate following with faith, persistence, and the altruistic ideals of Millennial leaders. He’s invigorating and refreshing.

Will you accept our invitation to join Justin and me for breakfast on Friday, May 29?

Justin earned his way to the top of his family’s Hanratty & Associates Insurance with dogged persistence and an open-hearted leadership style. Today the firm is one of the fastest growing agencies in the country – piling up awards and attracting an impressive portfolio of clients. It’s even more impressive knowing Justin started his career making phone calls from a basement office with no windows. “I’ve heard stories about how Justin wall-papered his office with the names of people he wanted to know on Post-It notes,” one of his clients shared with me.

Justin's brother TJ (right) is the central character in Justin's powerfully moving signature story.

Justin’s brother, TJ (right), is the central character in Justin’s powerfully moving, signature story.

But like my grandfather Hunter used to say: “Some days are better than others!” Justin discovered his open-hearted leadership style by surviving a hard-driving party life and bouts of selfishness. “I wasn’t always happy,” he admits with raw honesty. “I didn’t respect myself or the opportunities I had. So one day I looked in the mirror and changed my life in a big way.”

He committed his life to building a process to spread his goodness at home and at work. One of his strategies was to invest himself in peer-groups.  He’s a member of Young President’s Organization (YPO), Allied Executives and he started his own personal leadership group called The Council. He’s living a philosophy consistent with this approach to life.

Yoga hour ends with a Salad Bar in the offices of Hanratty & Associates.

Yoga hour ends with a salad bar in the offices of Hanratty & Associates. That’s just one of reasons they are consistently a Best/Great Places to Work award winner.

“We embrace our clients as people first,” he smiled. “Like families, great businesses are personal – we all have a story about people who have touched our lives.  That’s why our mission is to ‘touch this lives of those we serve with industry-changing innovation and service.'” For such a young leader, he is demonstrating an uncanny wisdom and character-based leadership style: “We are proving every day if you manage the culture effectively, good business results can follow,” he shared.

The reason I know Justin is because he had my name on one of those Post-It notes. He reached out to me, and touched my life with insightful encouragement about the goodness movement. “I’ve turned down dozens of speaking opportunities, just waiting for the right one,” he shyly admits. “But I’m really drawn to the goodness message, and I’m excited to share my story at the Good Leadership Breakfast.”


The Good Leadership Business ForumGood leaders thrive because they make the decision every day to be happy. And they create a positive culture that puts the goodness of people first.

If you are a business owner, please consider attending the Business Owner Forum following the breakfast – it’s a great opportunity to expand your network, and learn how to leverage your own vision and values to accelerate your growth to the next level. Justin and four other good leaders will be featured in the programming. Register now: the event is nearly sold out.

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