Goodness Pledge Spark - Who do you want to be when you grow upHere’s a compelling thought for the new year: adults only grow if they want to grow. This is particularly true for people who have a strong roof over their heads, steady finances, and the admiration of family and friends. We are comfortable…and we only grow outside our comfort zones if we really want to!

By now you know, one of my passions is developing good leaders. Here are five simple success habits I’ve gleaned over two decades as an executive leadership coach: let’s see if any of these can help you grow into the next version of “you.”

1. Reflect: How did you grow this year, both personally and professionally? This requires you to pause, sit alone, think and listen to your soul. What were the most powerful forces alive around you? Where is the momentum today?

The wonder of Mother Nature can help you reflect on how you have grown, and shape the aspiration for who you want to be.

The wonder of Mother Nature can help you reflect on how you have grown, and shape the aspiration for who you want to be.

2. Savor: Look in the mirror and celebrate! Write down your thoughts about what you like about what you see, and really focus on the positives: what we concentrate on grows! So stop thinking about anything you perceive as “negative.”

3. Meditate on the word grateful: Decades of research confirms meditation, prayer or contemplation what we are grateful for in our lives changes our blood chemistry and our brand composition. Try it: notice what thoughts plant themselves easily, and begin to grow in the richness of your gratitude. Gratitude makes leaders magnetic – improve your gratitude and more good things will come to you.

4. Aspire higher: What’s possible for you in 2016? A vivid personal vision will help push you out of your comfort zone and motivate you to grow. How will your leadership aspirations make things better for more people?

Do you believe your best days are ahead or behind you?

Do you believe your best days are ahead or behind you?

5. Invest in you: Develop a plan to get yourself to the next level. What simple “step up challenges” can get you moving in the right direction, and propel you toward the person you want to be when you grow up?

One of my mentors is peering into his 80’s. And last week he shared with me that he has a 15-year plan – both personally and professionally. Now that’s aspirational!

Need help?

We have a structured tool to help spark this kind of thinking – it’s called the Four Year Planning Window. Our coaching and training clients find it helpful in collecting their reflections and structuring a plan to move forward on their aspirations – both personally and professionally. This tool is in use by hundreds of leaders who have been coached by me, or who have participated in workshops and Leadership Development Institutes in healthcare. Reply here and I will send it to you.

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Your New Year’s Plan

Good leaders ignore the idea of new year’s resolutions – choosing aspirations instead. And they seek out training, coaching and mentoring to help them grow.

Please share with me: What’s your plan to help yourself grow?

Reply here, and I will send you the Four Year Planning Window tool.