Good Leadership Breakfast - Lynn Casey

Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla/CRT is the speaker at the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Please join us this Friday.

This Friday is the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast. It’s a dream come true. We host 250 people, 8 times a year to celebrate leaders who are positive role models for blending The Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Lynn Casey, who is our 2015 kick-off speaker. She’s back for a return visit for three reasons:

  1. She was a fan favorite in 2011
  2. She has a compelling personal and professional story, and
  3. She is one of those special leaders who helped lift me up to where I am today

Compelling Story

Lynn Casey is the straight-A student you met in middle school who you wanted to party with in college. She’s intense and calculating, and also playful and forgiving in how she manages people and business.

Recently, she was elected into the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame for her outstanding leadership in both the PR industry and for non-profit service. Along the way, she and her husband Mike raised two wonderful kids. Lynn Casey is just the kind of leader we love at the Good Leadership Breakfast.

Lynn Casey with her family, dining at a street cafe in Minneapolis.

Lynn Casey with her family, dining at a street cafe in Minneapolis.

But it’s her personal challenges and perseverance that make me take special notice. “I brought this on to myself,” she laughed as we walked around Lake Harriet together. “I was kind of bored in my life, and I asked God to challenge me… I didn’t know that meant cancer!” she laughed even harder.

Those who followed her journey through Caring Bridge grew in their own faith, and learned that even street fighting could be done with elegance and grace.

It’s personal for me

Lynn and I first met 20 years ago, when I was hired as an Account Supervisor at Padilla Speer Beardsley. She saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself. She taught me how to channel my childish enthusiasm in ways that caused others to want to follow me. What I know now – she taught me how to think first, dream second. And look at where we are today!

Goodness pays


I’m such a dork: giddy over the bright new banners for the breakfast – and grateful to sponsors: Cargill, HealthPartners, Allina, US Bank, and Winthrop & Weinstein.

If I’m honest with myself, I never expected the Good Leadership Breakfast to flourish. In the early days, Lynn Casey was the first CEO to accept my invitation to speak – she helped lift us to the next level simply with her presence.

Now, I’m deeply grateful she is willing to help us keep the Goodness Pays! message alive.

Good leaders lift each other up for both personal and professional gain. And they share their stories to keep the notion of Goodness Pays! alive and growing.

Please accept my invitation to join us for breakfast this Friday, to help us celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Good Leadership Breakfast.