George Broostin posed with me at the Good Leadership Training graduation ceremonies.  What a handsome guy!

George Broostin posed with me at the Good Leadership Training graduation ceremonies. What a handsome guy!

The theme for my summer blogs this year is growth: I love watching people grow. At Good Leadership Enterprises our business is to accelerate growth in good leaders. Over the next ten weeks you will meet people who are radiating goodness every day.

Today’s spotlight is on George Broostin, Director of Development at Guild Incorporated, and recent graduate of Good Leadership Training.

I consider George a friend, because he is exceptionally thoughtful – and we sing together in the Rotary Rooters glee club every Wednesday morning.

George has been a senior leader for many years and has heard volumes of management advice…so he was surprised and delighted when Good Leadership Training not only connected him with other good leaders, but also gave him meaningful motivation to improve personally and professionally.

Better Listening

One of the skills George wanted to develop was listening. “It’s easy for me to talk too much, so in Training I intentionally stepped back.”  Throughout Good Leadership Training, he challenged himself to ask more insightful questions and let a conversation unfold; rather than drive it. “I knew I would learn more by listening and soaking it in.”

Peer Coaching

Coaching Buddies was an important element in accelerating George Broostin's growth as a leader.

“Coaching Buddies” was an important element in accelerating George Broostin’s growth as a leader.

Good Leadership Training features “Coaching Buddies” as an important catalyst for growth. Hearing diverse perspectives and immediate feedback holds each participant accountable to the Cornerstones of Goodness: excellence, generosity, fairness and positivity. George was paired with two other good leaders, and the three Buddies clicked instantly. “We all had distinct leadership styles, and I got to observe how they answered questions and told stories. That’s how I learn best.” His focus on listening helped him create deeper connections.

In those conversations, George knew important areas of his life were weak before Training. The Seven Fs reflection tool that measures faith, family, finance, fitness, friends, fun, and future, inspired George to re-focus on what he values the most.

Radiating Goodness

George (center) and his husband Jake are Minnesota State Champion Dalia growers.

George (center) and his husband Jake are State Champion Dahlia growers. This year they won 18 blue ribbons.

As a result, George learned simple lessons about the power of reflection on his own life routines. “The Seven Fs had a serious impact on my life. I took vacations that I had been dreaming about, and I dedicated myself to staying closer to friends. And seeing how I scored my Fitness was the motivation I needed to lose 35 pounds.” Developing his listening made him a better fundraiser, and George attributes that success to the Training’s leadership tune-up. “I feel myself radiating the positive energy that Paul calls goodness!”

Good leaders invest in peer group experiences to reflect and refocus. And they surround themselves with good leaders who help them grow.

Please share with me: who is helping you grow?

The next Good Leadership Training peer group begins in September of this year. Send us a note if you want to learn more.

Editor’s note: June 9, 2015
An earlier version of this column reported that 2014 was a record year for Guild Incorporated’s fundraising. This is in error, and has been corrected.