The world needs us all to be better leaders, and that means mastering the five essential skill sets of good leadership.

The world needs us all to be better leaders, and that means mastering the five essential skill sets of good leadership.

By now, you know our firm, Good Leadership Enterprises, works with visionary CEOs, business owners and community leaders to grow their enterprises with good leadership. That means we provide business transformation projects, leadership development partnering, and inspirational programs. The Good Leadership Breakfast Series is our signature inspirational event.

This week, Friday, is our 8th year of the breakfast series. We are living the mantra: Nothing significant ever happens alone – only when good leaders, working together with good intentions are great things possible!

Good Leadership Breakfast co-host Julie McDonough

The Good Leadership Breakfast is now in the 8th year, with co-host Julie McDonough from Bremer Bank.

From those early meetings, several people stepped up and asked: How can I help?  Mark Bergman from HANDy Paint Products, Paul Hillen from Cargill, J Allen from Masters Alliance, and Heidi Humphrey and Chady AlAhmar from US Bank.

Together, we are building the momentum for this mission: spreading goodness through good leaders. And that begs two questions:

1.   What do we mean by goodness? Excellence, generosity, fairness and positivity.

2.   What do we mean by good leadership? It’s the art and science of creating great results, by working together.

Our intention is to provide speakers who can bring these concepts alive, so we can stimulate your leadership development. If you are inspired by the breakfasts or this blog, that’s wonderful! 

GLE Spark Carpe Diem

Being inspired is not enough. Put that inspiration into action and watch goodness grow.

But that’s not enough: the world needs you to be a better leader. We have so many opportunities to make things better for more people – that’s what good leaders do.

Over the course of the past seven years, clients and friends have been consistently asked to go deeper on five essential skill sets that help good leaders thrive. They are:

Leadership Fundamentals: How personal leadership, positivity and goodness pays

Influence without Authority: The art and science of getting things done without control of resources

Team Leadership: How good leaders working together create great results.

Leading Change: Appealing to the Head, Heart and Hands to build momentum with encouragement.

Coaching and Developing Others: How to bring out the best in leaders at every level of their career.

You will start to see a shift toward these themes in this blog. Because it’s not enough to have good intentions – you also need the skills to help the good leaders around you create great results. That’s my life’s work.

Good leaders know in their hearts that nothing significant ever happens alone. And they continually build their skills to help good leaders work together to create great results.

Please share with me: How are you helping others grow?