Carpe Diem.

The world needs me to be a good leader who radiates goodness today.

I choose to be happy because what we concentrate on grows! I will blend the Seven Fs into my work so I can live with less stress and lead with less fear. I will role model rewarding excellence, living generously, promoting fairness, and spreading positivity. And, I promise to build on the goodness in others so we can all thrive.

Yes! I want to take the Good Leadership Challenge now:


You will start receiving “Sparks.”

A “Spark” is a positive message from Good Leadership that will remind you to radiate goodness. Ponder each thought and its place in your life. We hope the Sparks motivate you – because the world needs good leaders like you to make great things possible.


Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future

Good Leadership - Free Tools - The Seven Fs Tool

Will your wheel roll?

When we expand our thinking to include all of the Seven Fs, our perspective becomes brighter. A well tuned wheel allows for increased positive momentum.

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Rewarding excellence, Living generously, Promoting fairness
and Spreading positivity

Our mission is to spread goodness in leadership and business.

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