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Learn first-hand how Goodness Pays!
Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast

The Good Leadership Podcast explores what leadership looks like today, and shares insights and success habits from hosts and executive team coaches, Paul Batz and Kevin Sensenig. You will learn how to lead teams effectively and what it means to coach teams.

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Disciplined follow through, a cautionary tale – We all know what disciplined follow through is and why it’s important. But what happens when it doesn’t happen? Paul and Kevin explore what happens when leaders don’t do what they say they will. LISTEN

How transparent should your decision making be? – As a leader, you make a lot of decisions. How much transparency is expected these days? Listen as Paul and Kevin discuss their thoughts on transparent decision making in the work place. LISTEN

Defining Clear Roles and Responsibilities– What does it mean to have clear roles and responsibilities? You might think you know, but how can you be sure? Paul and Kevin define clear roles and responsibilities and share how you can transform your team by calling them out. LISTEN

Compelling Plans and why you should have one– What’s the difference between a compelling plan and a business plan? Paul and Kevin dive into what makes a compelling plan compelling, and why you should invest time into making one. LISTEN

Understanding Epoxy Theory– This isn’t a science podcast, but epoxy theory is a relatively scientific concept. Paul and Kevin discuss why equal parts of relational capital and structural integrity create the strongest teams. LISTEN

Healthy Tension…it’s a good thing?– No more Minnesota Nice…Paul and Kevin discuss the concept of healthy tension and why it is vital for high-performing teams to master it. LISTEN

We is Greater than Me – Nothing significant happens alone. Paul and Kevin dive into why leadership is a plural concept and how to “shed the superhero cape” and lead a group. LISTEN

Welcome to The Good Leadership Podcast – Welcome to the start of The Good Leadership Podcast, hosted by Paul Batz and Kevin Sensenig. In this episode, they will discuss the story of a hospital executive who experienced the catalytic power of coaching teams instead of individuals. LISTEN

Goodness Pays Podcast Archives

The Goodness Pays Leadership podcast ran from 2018-2021 and explored leadership through the lens of Goodness and how goodness pays. The podcasts feature interviews with Good Leadership Breakfast speakers and Good Leadership Coaches.

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Terry Rasmussen  – President and CEO of Thrivent: One Big Goal LISTEN

Duchesne Drew  – President of Minnesota Public Radio: Thriving Together LISTEN

Megan Remark  – President and CEO of Regions Hospital: Positive Teamwork LISTEN

Ray Kowalik  – CEO of Burns & McDonnell: How Accountability Improves with the feeling of Ownership LISTEN

Bruce DeWitt  – CEO of Testek: Understanding Operational Assurance LISTEN

Kevin Warren  – Commissioner of the Big 10 Conference: Carving a Better Path Forward LISTEN

John Thomas  – Vice President of Basketball Development at the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx: Using Resiliency to Find Purpose LISTEN

Charles Antis  – CEO at Antis Roofing and Waterproofing: The Secret is Discovering Why You Exist LISTEN

Richard Davis  – CEO of Make-A-Wish America: The Business of Creating Hope LISTEN

Nicole LaVoi  – Public Scholar, Speaker, Educator, and Author: When Fairness and Injustice Drives Good Leadership LISTEN

Julie Kae  – Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Executive Director of Qlik: How Big Data and Childhood are Improving Climate Change LISTEN

Olivia Peterson, with Johan Gjenvicke  – University of Minnesota Student: How Goodness Pays for 20-Something Leaders LISTEN

Gene Sieve  – Vice President and Regional Manager, Burns & McDonnell: How Goodness Pays Proof Points LISTEN

Alvin Abraham  – Dean of the Dougherty Family College at the University of St. Thomas: Leveling the Playing Field for Young Leaders LISTEN

Phil McKoy  – CIO, UnitedHealthcare: Lead With People First, and Results Will Follow LISTEN

Monte Nuckols  – Vice President IT, ERP Transformation at Adient: Goodness and Mastering the Soft Stuff LISTEN

Megan Remark  – President and CEO of Regions Hospital: Goodness Starts With Us as Leaders  LISTEN

Stedman Graham  – Author, Speaker, Educator, and Entrepreneur: Do You Know Who You Are?  LISTEN

Greg Cunningham  – Vice President, Global Inclusion and Diversity: Are you leading as your authentic self?  LISTEN

Joseph Otting  – Comptroller of the Currency for the U.S. Department of the Treasury: Finding Goodness in Every Step of Your Journey  LISTEN

Pahoua Yang Hoffman  – Executive Director, Citizens League: Goodness and Self-Doubt  LISTEN

Why We Wrote It  – The “Why” from Paul Batz and Paul Hillen: Why did we write the book, How Goodness PaysLISTEN

Lindsey Riley  – Data Science Program Manager, Medtronic: An Unexpected Journey  LISTEN

Amanda K. Brinkman  – Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Deluxe Corp: Doing Well By Doing Good  LISTEN

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit – Partners at Activ8 Consulting Firm: How to Let Go, So You Can Fight For Something You Love  LISTEN

Paul Hillen – Chief Commercial Officer of JM Swank LLC, a Platinum Equity Company: Exercise New Leadership Muscles  LISTEN

Jurriann Kamp – Author and Founder of The Intelligent Optimist Magazine: Overcoming the Dark Noise  LISTEN

Kevin Warren – Chief Operating Officer Minnesota Vikings: The Necessity of Gratitude  LISTEN

Liwanag Ojala – CEO of CaringBridge: How Friends Help with Healing  LISTEN

Richard Leider – Founder of Inventure: The Power of Purpose in Leadership  LISTEN

Paul Batz and Kelsey Meyer Schalkle – The “Why?” behind the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast  LISTEN

Learn first-hand how Goodness Pays!

At every breakfast, people say, “I wish I could take this inspiration with me.”
The same insight, motivation, and energy you know and love from the Good Leadership Breakfast Series is now available in podcasts.

– Paul Batz, CEO and Founder, Good Leadership Enterprises