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Learn first-hand how Goodness Pays!
Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast

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Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast

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The Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast series features absorbing and inspiring stories like these:

Paul Batz and Kelsey Meyer Schalkle – The “Why?” behind the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast

Richard Leider – Founder of Inventure: The Power of Purpose in Leadership

Liwanag Ojala – CEO of CaringBridge: How Friends Help with Healing

Kevin Warren – Chief Operating Officer Minnesota Vikings: The Necessity of Gratitude

Jurriann Kamp – Author and Founder of The Intelligent Optimist Magazine: Overcoming the Dark Noise

Paul Hillen – Chief Commercial Officer of JM Swank LLC, a Platinum Equity Company: Exercise New Leadership Muscles

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit – Partners at Activ8 Consulting Firm: How to Let Go, So You Can Fight For Something You Love

Amanda K. Brinkman  – Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Deluxe Corp: Doing Well By Doing Good

Lindsey Riley  – Data Science Program Manager, Medtronic: An Unexpected Journey

Why We Wrote It  – The “Why” from Paul Batz and Paul Hillen: Why did we write the book, How Goodness Pays?

Pahoua Yang Hoffman  – Executive Director, Citizens League: Goodness and Self-Doubt

Joseph Otting  – Comptroller of the Currency for the U.S. Department of the Treasury: Finding Goodness in Every Step of Your Journey

Greg Cunningham  – Vice President, Global Inclusion and Diversity: Are you leading as your authentic self?

Stedman Graham  – Author, Speaker, Educator, and Entrepreneur: Do You Know Who You Are?

Learn first-hand how Goodness Pays!

At every breakfast, people say, “I wish I could take this inspiration with me.”
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– Paul Batz, CEO and Founder, Good Leadership Enterprises


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