How Goodness Pays features a statistically-significant one-question diagnostic tool:

The objective in creating the GPS was to develop an easy tool to assess goodness in leadership and teams.

Similar to the one-question Net Promoter Score, the one-question GPS is a predictive,
fast way to gather feedback from team members, and it comes with
advice about where to focus your actions for improvement.
Here is the fundamental basis for the GPS:
Higher Goodness Pays Score =
Higher probability of positive financial results
The GPS is calculated based on the numerical average
of your employee responses to this one key question:
Using a 1-10 scale: How would you rate your direct leader on proactively
promoting goodness in his/her decision-making within your organization?

If you choose between 9-10, your leader is a Goodness Accelerator.
They are likely a leader that exhibits others-focused behaviors such as teamwork, empathy, and sincerity.

If you choose between 7-8, your leader is neutral and neither an active Goodness Accelerator nor Goodness Drainer.
This neutral group likely has untapped potential, which can be optimized for better financial performance by learning more about good leadership[ and how goodness improves financial results.

If you choose between 1-6, your leader is a Goodness Drainer.
They are likely a leader that exhibits self-focused, toxic behaviors such as self-promotion,
closed-mindedness, and possible leadership incompetency.