Deep tissue massages and yoga are part of my 2013 investment plan in ‘me.’  I hope to feel as good as she looks.

So this year I’m a member of Massage Envy and Yoga Pioneers: both by doctors orders.  It’s funny to think I’d actually be told to learn to enjoy yoga and massages. Is that a guy thing?  The Ah-ha moment came from a totally different source:

Late last week I ran into a female friend who said: “Hey, I really miss your Good Leadership Breakfasts — it’s one of the very few things that I protect as an investment in myself…it has been too long…when is the Spring Series going to start?” Now I get it. Just as deep tissue massage cleanses the daily toxins and helps me stay healthy, she sees the Good Leadership Breakfast as a massage for her mind and soul.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to get the point.

So please don’t party too hard on Valentines Day this year, because the next morning —  Friday, February 15 — is the kick-off of the Good Leadership Breakfast f0r 2013.  Our Spring theme is Goodness Pays.  We will dive into how the Seven Fs are alive in our personal and professional lives: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future. And we have an exciting slate of speakers to jump-start our journey.

Mark Bergman, inventor of the HANDY Paint Pail.

First, if you’ve ever had a wild idea for a new product or service: February 15 is for you!  Mark Bergman is one of the most personally inspiring people I know.  Come hear the story behind the HANDy Paint Pail and get an insiders view of a truly generous leader.

In March, we’ll help your international service aspirations come alive as you meet Walter Chesley. He sets a terrific example of how corporate leaders can channel their personal and professional passions into global charitable work.

Then in April, we all get to take a peek inside the marriage/business partnership of Brad von Bank and Kristin Pardue.  Together they are raising good kids and turning heads with their cutting edge firm, Rêve Consulting.  They’ve channeled their Seven Fs (F)uture into Rêve Academy: a North Minneapolis non-profit and social venture that helps students dream-up, design and develop their own websites.

Finally, in May we offer a rare and special experience for you see your personal leadership through a powerful new lens.  Kurt Kwan will share his personal and professional story, through the magic of corporate theater. You will be moved by his powerful expression of “I Am From,” which motivates each one of us to think about how ‘who we are’ has so much to do with ‘where we came from.’ The program will also feature vignettes from the Breaking Ice Production: Leading Together.

The best networking and leadership breakfast in town, presented by Paul Batz.

How’s that for an investment in stimulating goodness in your leadership?  Four Fridays this spring…all before 9AM.

Good leaders hold and protect specific time on their calendar to invest in themselves.  And they explore inspiring people and pointed moments to help them stretch and grow.

If you are considering attending, register early — we sold out last fall.  Then, please share with me: how do you think Goodness Pays?