Let’s grow together.

Strengthen your voice in important business decisions by growing
your influence, leadership, and developing A-players for tomorrow.

Your role as an HR Executive is growing.

You are respected for your technical competence and workforce impact, and now you want to accelerate your impact on business growth.
Without direct P&L responsibilities, the best HR Executives participate in important business decisions by influencing how senior leaders see the future. And they grow that influence by developing the leaders who drive the business results.

Which of these four challenges best describes you?

Increase Your Influence

I want to strengthen my voice at the leadership table and increase my influence over the organization – creating stronger connections between people investments and business growth.

Become a Growth Partner

I want to be a catalyst for business growth, instead of being the compliance cop that always has to say “no.”

Develop talent faster, cheaper

I want to create effective leadership development solutions that make our budget go farther.

Develop Your HR Staff

I want to lead by example, by helping my HR team be the highest performing team in our company.

You’re not alone.

Good Leadership partners with HR leaders to develop efficient, effective leadership development programs. Our coaches know how to move HR executives from the person who has to say “no” to the leader who accelerates growth. It’s about finding new approaches to selling your ideas to leaders who seldom think about the business value of the “soft stuff.”

Explore the other challenges leaders
just like you face every day.


You have specific needs and you want options – here’s how we work:

Whether you need to fix a problem or accelerate growth, our first priority is to ask good questions and listen.
You can expect Good, Better, and Best options – with clear and simple pricing.

Good Leadership Enterprises is a general contracting business model with nearly a dozen coaches and a wide variety of expertise.
Your team will be built for what you need, when you need it. We have feet-on-the-street in the Midwest, East and West coasts – and travel internationally for global clients.

Individual and
Team Coaching

Not all coaching is created equal – Good Leadership clients receive a rich bundle of coaching activity that involves the leader’s team, and access to a toolkit of more than 100 proprietary tools. Organizations are leaner and flatter, find a coach here to help you thrive.


Good Leadership

Good Leadership Training workshops are fun, facilitated experiences in which emerging leaders challenge each other and grow using the same tools and concepts from the firm’s executive coaching services.


Team Momentum

The survey provides a research-based, data-driven picture that reveals where your team’s momentum is strong and where it breaks down. The team receives a customized, actionable report with specific recommendations on how to improve results.


“Since working with Good Leadership, we are more in tune with the needs of our people and we are having more fun! With coaching, our leaders are growing and our culture continues to evolve to support more healthy growth.”

– Jessica Larson, Sr VP HR

4 out of every 5 leaders surveyed state they believe Goodness pays, yet less that half are satisfied with the business results they’re getting.

We know how to achieve consistently positive business results through relationships
where people feel like they are thriving together.

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