Learning Experiences

Alone, what we can accomplish is limited.
As a team, our potential has no bounds.

Good Leadership’s learning experiences create environments where momentum
is created together and groups learn side-by-side what’s possible.


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The Good Leadership Breakfast

The hottest leadership development event in Minneapolis/St. Paul, The Good Leadership Breakfast is consistently sold-out because the energy is positive, the speakers are invigorating, and guests help each other grow. The centerpieces of the breakfast include The Seven Fs Wheel© — a quick self-assessment on faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future, and the Cornerstones of Goodness in leadership: rewarding excellence, living generously, promoting fairness, and spreading positivity. Paul Batz is the host and master facilitator who creates an air of excitement for each speaker. Guests are guaranteed to hear a great message, and participate in roundtable discussions to share the learning.

Executive Women’s Roundtables

The Executive Coaching Roundtable for women leaders is a leadership development affinity group designed specifically for top-of-the-house women leaders operating across the enterprise. It’s a facilitated coaching roundtable which strengthens your leadership effectiveness, hones self-awareness, sharpens your aspirations, and helps you shape the culture of your organization.


Paul Batz is challenging the belief that we need to settle for the status quo, or compromise to “win.” As a highly regarded speaker and presenter, he is bringing to life the transformational idea that Goodness Pays, teaching leaders and teams how to work together and harness goodness for amazing results. Paul’s message comes from an aspirational thinking model that sparks “What’s Possible?” in every leader and team, even in the most difficult situations, and his events are packed with energy, positivity, and practical advice.

Keynotes and Workshops include:

  • Retreats
  • All-Employee Meetings
  • Annual Conferences
  • Rewards Trips
  • Leadership Strategy Days

Learning together, from one another.

Learn how Goodness Pays and let our team
coach your team to the next level.