Yesterday morning I was confounded by the headline in The New York Times that reads: Minneapolis plans to dismantle its police force.  That’s a big statement. And it left me wondering: How do I talk about all of this stuff that’s going on, in ways that are respectful, and without offending anyone?

So I started scouring my news sources to work on my conversational competence.  I found a short article – with lots of links to resources – that really helped me. If you are simultaneously motivated, and also cautious about racial injustice discussion with your colleagues at work, this article may help you: How To Talk About Racism and Social Injustice At Work by Melody Wilding, LMSW.

For now, it’s still OK to be emotionally off-kilter, a little sick to your stomach, and confused. In my lifetime, we’ve never faced the confluence of such big, important subjects at one time. Your space for action will present itself. For now, keeping talking with people. And be especially kind to everyone, regardless of skin color. That’s one simple way that goodness pays.