How do we turn engagement around, and fast!?

How do I cultivate innovation and engagement simultaneously?

Employee engagement scores are embarrassingly low and revealing – our people don’t feel connected or appreciated by management. Customer satisfaction scores tell us the same thing. It really means the rank and file employees don’t believe they can thrive under the current management. What is needed is a renewed commitment to building a culture of encouragement, accountability and good teamwork. Strategies need to come from employees, not the management who created the problem.

There’s a better way.

You’ve come to the right place because we can help.
Good Leadership coaches have proprietary tools to assess the strategic alignment of people at all levels. We leverage the Hogan personality inventories to use your natural style for faster execution. Most importantly, we can help rally your team throw out antiquated top-down decision-making and embrace a faster, closer-to-the-customer, front-line decision system.

“The transformation for us came when we realized we could make good business decisions on 85% of the information we thought we needed. Our coach showed us how to empower and encourage people at every level in the organization make decisions that supported our strategy.”

– COO, Contract Engineering Partnership

The solution starts with tapping into the idea that goodness pays because it’s contagious.

We’ll help you find that solution, whether you need to fix a problem or accelerate growth, by first asking good questions and listening. Then you can expect Good, Better, and Best options – with clear and simple pricing.
Good Leadership Enterprises is a general contracting business model with nearly a dozen coaches and a wide variety of expertise. Your team will be built for what you need when you need it. We have feet-on-the-street in the Midwest, East and West coasts – and travel internationally for global clients.

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