Paul Batz Knows Goodness.
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CEO and Founder,
Good Leadership Enterprises

Paul Batz is changing the conversation about leadership. He founded Good Leadership Enterprises to help CEOs, business owners, executives and community leaders grow with the idea goodness pays. Paul’s not-so-secret sauce is teaching how excellence, generosity, fairness and positivity are rewarded with great business results. Paul’s personal mission is to help leaders grow by blending the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future into their leadership. He uses goodness as the subject for coaching, training, speaking, and inspirational programming.
The movement began when the Good Leadership Breakfast Series took off like a rocket. Since 2010, more than 15,000 guests have attended what is now the hottest leadership development networking breakfast series in the Midwest. In 2017, Paul started Good Leadership Press, a publishing label which produces positive books and tools to help good leaders create great results in their personal and professional lives.
Paul is blending the Seven Fs with his business partner and wife Melinda and their three adult children who all touch the business. He is hopelessly addicted to golf, an Elton John wannabee piano player, a philanthropist, and he loves hosting dinner parties at their home in Bloomington, MN.

Inspirational Leadership Coach

Paul knows how to get powerful people to work together. By focusing on goodness and blending the Seven Fs, hundreds of leaders have mastered the “soft” stuff that’s often the hardest part of leadership. Paul specializes in helping organizations let go of the risky “super-hero” leadership model which is counter-productive to people working together. Clients learn the art and science of creating great results by working together within a culture of encouragement.


An abundant author, his Tuesday morning Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today. He has published seven books, including What Really Works, co-authored with Tim Schmidt, a free eBook Good Leadership TodayThe Bucket List Book, the inaugural title for Good Leadership Press, and most recently How Goodness Pays.


An inspiring and entertaining speaker on the international stage, Paul engages audiences with practical tools to leverage personal leadership and aspirational thinking for powerful results in leadership and business. His fresh perspective leaves people feeling motivated, personally and professionally.
Good Leadership Enterprises Paul Batz Speaking


  • How Goodness Pays: When Good Leaders Let Go of Superhero Leadership, Great Results are Possible
  • Why Goodness Pays: The Research, the Book and the Formula to Transform Your Business Results
  • When Goodness Pays: How to Turn Your Biggest Challenge into Your Finest Hour as a Leader
  • How Goodness Really Works: Blending The Seven Fs of Good Leadership – Faith, Family, Finances. Fitness, Friends, Fun and Future
  • How Goodness Comes Alive in You: Get UNSTUCK with a Bucket List and Aspirational Thinking

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