You will experience:

  • A candid conversation between Mike Stigers and Paul Batz as they discuss aligning teams to win and thrive together
  • Learn 3 success habits from Mike Stigers
  • Contribute to research by participating in real-time, live audience surveys
  • Meet like-minded professionals who believe in the power of spreading goodness
  • Enjoy excellent live music by The Benny Weinbeck Trio and breakfast from D’Amico catering
  • Experience the opportunity to contribute to non-profits through The Bucket of Goodwill

Doors open at 7 am at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley, MN.

Mike Stigers

Mike Stigers has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Cub Foods, Minnesota’s largest retail grocery chain, since November 2018.

Prior to its acquisition by UNFI, Mr. Stigers served as SUPERVALU’s Executive Vice President of Wholesale and Supply Chain Services since 2016.

Mr. Stigers began his grocery career as a part-time courtesy clerk at Safeway and has been active in several trade associations, including the California Grocers Association, past president of Western Association of Food Chains, and current Chair of National Grocers Association.