Kevin Sensenig

Senior Coaching Associate, Ph.D., RODP

Whether you are looking for a shot of inspiration, words of encouragement or a way to challenge your team to step up to the next level, Kevin Sensenig is the dynamic speaker you need for your next event.

Kevin brings a blend of research, tools and content connected with real-world examples and experiences that make each speech or retreat unique and memorable.  From his personal leadership experience and coaching work, Kevin is able to create a distinctive blend of strategies that fit each circumstance.



Keynotes and Workshops

How to Become the Leader You Desire to Be
Ideal for emerging leaders and young professionals
In this keynote, participants will focus on the Cornerstones of Goodness that will help them become the leader they desire to be. Leaders will gain insights on setting themselves apart by staying current and being real as a leader. The deep self-reflection in this session serves as a foundation to establish a strong leadership growth direction.

How to Develop a Dynamic Team
Ideal for team leaders at all levels in an organization
In this keynote, leaders learn the secrets for how to get powerful people working together to create a results oriented culture. This keynote features the Team Momentum Model©, insightful examples about the struggles and triumphs of building a dynamic team… and gain tools to help you develop the environment in which the team can thrive.

Authentic Leaders Have Impact
Ideal for senior leaders who want to challenge their team to embrace step up challenges
Much is made of being an effective leader. More important is being an authentic leader. In this keynote, leaders focus on knowing themselves, knowing others and adapting their leadership approach to bring out the best in others as the keys to being authentic. They will explore ways to own their strengths and handle their areas for improvement. They will identify ways to be more aware of others and ideas for adapting their approach to being an authentic leader that achieves outstanding results.

Trends Impacting Organizations Today
Ideal for leaders in organizations that are embarking on new strategic directions
This keynote explores major trends that are impacting how organizations will function and how individuals will work in the year ahead. Based on research and real-life experiences, this session focuses on skills leaders can develop to address changes they are facing as they lead in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.


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