Good Leadership provides customized webinars, live streaming events, online summits, digital events, and virtual experiences for organizations ready to leverage goodness.

Can Goodness create a culture of encouragement, accountability, positive teamwork and improved financial results?

The answer is yes! We teach leaders and organizations how Goodness Pays, and how to leverage goodness to improve teams and their results.

Here’s what we mean by Goodness Pays: When people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability and positive teamwork the disruption that Big Ideas cause gets into alignment and the result pays.
Does that sound like a fairy tale or a dream? That statement may seem fictitious, but it’s not. People, our relationships, and how we work together are one of the greatest challenges any organization faces.
The authors of Goodness Pays, Paul Batz and Paul Hillen are challenging the belief that we need to settle for the status quo, or compromise to “win”. As highly regarded speakers and presenters, Batz and Hillen are bringing to life the transformational idea that Goodness Pays, teaching leaders and teams how to work together and harness goodness for amazing results.
The message comes from the Goodness Pays Leadership System © which focuses on three tenets: Alignment, Commitment and Open Accountability. It’s based on aspirational thinking that sparks “What’s Possible?” in every leader and team, even in the most difficult situations. When you focus on Alignment, Commitment and Open Accountability you have a compelling plan rooted in values, shared resources where profits are healthy for all, and a public scorecard and transparent decision making where everyone is held accountable.
Batz and Hillen show you how to pave a path to motivate people to change and grow in more sustainable ways. Their events are packed with energy, thought-provoking stories, positivity, and practical advice.
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The Seven Fs

The Five Goodness Pays Factors

Our research successfully defined the connection between goodness and business leadership:

Goodness in business is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and teamwork.

Keynotes and Workshops.

Learn how these topics can be customized to your specific industry or group, as a keynote, virtual presentation, webinar series or a 3-hour interactive workshop.
Our goal is to have no keynote, workshop, or retreat ever be cookie cutter. Every event is customized with a unique blend of fun, inspiration, and strategies that meets the audience where they’re at. Each includes research-based ideas for both personal and professional growth, including proprietary coaching tools that show the next step for creating immediate transformation.

Speaking Events May Include:

  • Retreats
  • All-Employee Meetings
  • Annual Conferences
  • Rewards Trips
  • Leadership Strategy Days
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Goodness Pays – How good leaders transform their business to get great results

What does the next level look like for your business? Can goodness help your business transform faster, reduce friction for change, improve employee engagement, and increase profitability? The data says yes… Goodness Pays. Most companies have financial systems, sales systems, and operating systems. What’s missing is a leadership system that pulls them all together to improve business results. When you focus on what the individual, team, and organizational transformation requires, you find alignment, commitment, and open accountability. The highest performing leaders choose to create cultures of encouragement fueled by goodness where the people around them thrive together. We can teach you how.
This engaging keynote will:
  • Reframe the conversation on what it takes to create real, sustainable success that everyone embraces.
  •  Articulate what commonsense business practices accelerate business growth and profitability
  • Show how leaders who have a compelling plan and make timely and transparent decisions in a team-based culture deliver better business results
  • Learn the one-question survey that is a statistically significant predictor of business results
  • Understand the best ways to manage a motivating public scorecard where everyone is held accountable and what to avoid
  • Inspire people to create a specific plan for how they can improve their next business transformation
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Goodness Pays for All – How great teams work together to get better results

We believe that everyone is a leader of their own life and everyone’s roles and responsibilities are imperative to the team getting good business results. Alone, what we can accomplish is limited, as a team, our potential has no bounds. Empowering all employees with goodness improves engagement, enhances customer loyalty, and develops the leaders and culture necessary for future success. Our Goodness Pays approach focuses on ways for people to thrive together.
This motivating keynote will:
  • Provide insights into people’s professional and personal leadership
  • Create an immediate impact on their professional and personal spheres of influence
  • Give people new ways to collaborate with their teams to turn challenges into opportunities
  • Teach ways to increase the speed of team decision-making and increase alignment in their work
  • Deliver actionable encouragement
  • Inspire people to create a specific plan for how to improve their contribution to their team
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How Aspirational Thinking Improves Life and Leadership

This presentation features Paul Batz

The best leaders can see into the future. And they have vivid goals that propel them forward – both personally and professionally. This keynote is perfect for emerging leaders, and veterans who are feeling “stuck” in their life and leadership. Aspirational thinking is a skill that can be taught and practiced. Aspirational leaders inspire innovation, collaboration and an everyday spirit of goodness – when people thrive together both personally and professionally.

This presentation will include hands-on tools, techniques, and coaching advice to spark transformational growth in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Paul will teach you:
  • How having a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, a Personal Mission Statement, and a Bucket List can help your life and your professional development.
  • How Aspirational Thinking is the key to create transformational business results.
  • How the Seven Fs Wheel© stimulates personal and professional growth
  • How a culture of encouragement where people can thrive together will create positive momentum in your business, team, and personal life.
This keynote is easily customized for events where spouses, partners and families may attend.
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“Paul Batz is a master of his craft – truly one of the most important thought leaders on leadership of our time. His ideas are transformational, both personally and professionally. He’s a terrific speaker and the best executive coach I’ve ever seen.”

– Dan McGinty, CEO, FSCCM

“Paul Batz is world-class speaker who speaks the truth about good leadership – goodness pays! His work has transformed me as a leader, and he’s shaping a path that will help us all be the leaders we know we need to be.”

– Kevin Warren, COO, Minnesota Vikings

“The world needs more thought-leaders like Paul Batz. He turns our heads around to see the most obvious reason for leadership – Goodness pays! I just love his energy, how he tells stories, and how he makes the most important lessons come alive in my leadership.”

– Kathi Tunheim, SVP of Strategy, Gustavus Adolphus College

“Paul Batz is changing the conversation
about leadership, and thank heaven’s for that.
He’s charming, dynamic and changing the world!”

– Jeri Meola, CEO, SMS Research

“Paul’s insights about The Seven Fs are a foundational component of the cultural improvement movement we have going at United Healthcare. He’s a terrific speaker whose positive energy is contagious.”

– Dave Sparkman, Chief Culture Officer, United Healthcare

“Paul Batz is a master of his craft – truly one of the most important thought leaders on leadership of our time. His ideas are transformation, both personally and professionally. He’s a terrific speaker and the best executive coach I’ve ever seen.”

– Dan McGinty, CEO, FSCCM