Why follow you?

People will follow you if you love your work, and your heart has you headed in the right direction. Followers get behind leaders who are headed in the right direction. So what happens when the passion is gone and the direction isn't clear? I'm grateful for the courage of Amy Langer, who was the speaker at the Good [...]

How is the love in your life alive in your work?

Amy Langer is the kick-off speaker for the 2014 Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. Amy Langer is a fiery leader who will melt the subzero Minnesota funk this Friday at the Good Leadership Breakfast. That's also Valentine's Day, so why not come out and meet a good leader who will talk about how following the love in her [...]

Where do the graduates go from here?

Graduation ceremonies are catalysts for hope and gratitude. But the value of investing in ourselves is often hard to prove. "Today, I know I'm a better person," Julie declared. The encouraging audience leaned in: "My attitude is more cheerful now and my colleagues see me as a good leader ...I'm grateful and excited to see where I go from here!" [...]

Who will be your favorite speaker next year?

The May 2014, Good Leadership Breakfast speaker Chad Pregracke (right) posed with Anderson Cooper, when he won the CNN Hero of the Year Award. Valentines Day will be an all day affair for Melinda and me next year, because February 14, is the kick-off of the 2014 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. As any old love, we're adding some [...]