Good Leaders: How does excellence radiate around you?

Christmas in Christ Chapel at Gustavus Adolphus College is excellence expressed as a value and an outcome. Photo: Gustavus Adolphus College. Alabama football. Harvard Business School. Christmas in Christ Chapel at Gustavus. Is excellence a value or an outcome? Booker T Washington once wrote: Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. Today, more than [...]

Good Leaders: How are you making your life count?

In the "empty nest" I'm asking: How do I make my life count? The house is quiet now. Loud silence. Like the pause after the airline pilot shuts down the jet engines. Melinda and I just took our youngest child, Anna, off to college and today we are empty nesters. The Personal Finance section of the Wall Street [...]

Good Leaders: How are you shaping yourself today?

This Dr. Seuss title is a popular graduation gift and a effective reminder for good leaders. "We become the sum-total of the people we hang out with and the books we read," counseled Tim Schmidt, my co-author of the What Really Works book. Tim and his son Jonathan were the speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast on August [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you feel significant?

High school graduation is a major milestone for both parents and students. Anna Mary Batz graduated from high school last week. She's our youngest child which means Melinda and I have passed a huge parenting milestone. Without question, I'm blindly-biased as all loving fathers should be. After reading adoring cards, letters and emails about Anna's impact on the [...]

Good Leaders: What did you learn about leadership on your spring break vacation?

A female Mexican police officer like this one wasn't happy with my stupid driving in Playa del Carmen last week. The obvious answer: time off is necessary for personal rejuvenation and strengthening the bond with family and friends.  But that’s not the point of today’s Good Leadership blog. What happens when you are stopped by a Mexican police [...]

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Did you unplug last Thursday?

I bet you missed it: National Day of Unplugging. It was last Thursday. Maybe next year? "I totally forgot how much I love the sound of the engine in my car," a coaching client exclaimed. He re-discovered the simple pleasure after accepting my challenge to unplug. In just one week of driving home with his cell phone and [...]

Will you nominate a good leader today?

Oscar, Tony and Emmy are awards of excellence in the entertainment industry. Long after the ball gowns, red carpet and champagne,  recipients cherish the nomination because it represents the highest honor by their peers. Yesterday, Anna Mary Batz cherished her moment during homecoming coronation at our local high school. She was thrilled to be nominated by her peers for the [...]

What does Happy New Year look like for you today?

28 years ago today, I drove myself to my first real job in downtown Minneapolis. Anna Batz just drove off to her final year of high school. Twenty eight years ago today, I drove my 1981 red Honda Accord into downtown Minneapolis to start the first day of my professional career. I was 22 years old...and that first 'real [...]

How are you growing today?

When you take a good look at yourself, how are you growing today? Grow or die. Eat or be food. Time always moves the ageless Darwinian question when you look in the mirror: How are you growing today? I fancy myself as an inspirational leadership coach. Part of my own growth has been the commitment to produce [...]

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