Good leaders: What is on your horizon?

The horizon over the Pacific Ocean at Dana Point, California, inspired me to think ahead about my leadership. A trip to see the ocean this weekend helped me gaze into the future. Good timing: my wife and business partner, Melinda Batz, and I recently passed a significant milestone and we are embracing the question: What is on our horizon? [...]

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Good Leaders: How are you celebrating today?

On Black Friday, we hosted a winter tailgating party to celebrate the lighting of this 52 foot-tall pine tree in our front yard. 6,000 lights of joy! While most of America was wrestling for Black Friday deals, the Batz family was hosting a winter tailgating-party in Minnesota. Yep...we decided to party during the wintry, sunset hours in our front [...]

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Good Leaders: Why do you work?

Blending the Seven Fs: the friends of Benjamin Paul Batz gathered in our kitchen to celebrate his Outward Bound job in the Florida Everglades. Ben is far upper left. Which of the Seven Fs best describes why you work: faith, family, finances, friends, fun or future? Your answer might surprise you - I'll share mine at the end [...]

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Good leaders: What does peace mean to you?

This stunning book is a moving exploration of a subject that unites us: peace. "Our world has become polarized," the author explains. "Politically, ethnically, religiously, we expend an enormous amount of energy looking at the things that divide us." Peace brings us together. For my summer reading recommendations, I'm introducing you to A Peace of My Mind by [...]

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Good Leaders: What did you learn about leadership on your spring break vacation?

A female Mexican police officer like this one wasn't happy with my stupid driving in Playa del Carmen last week. The obvious answer: time off is necessary for personal rejuvenation and strengthening the bond with family and friends.  But that’s not the point of today’s Good Leadership blog. What happens when you are stopped by a Mexican police [...]

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How are you growing today?

When you take a good look at yourself, how are you growing today? Grow or die. Eat or be food. Time always moves the ageless Darwinian question when you look in the mirror: How are you growing today? I fancy myself as an inspirational leadership coach. Part of my own growth has been the commitment to produce [...]

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