Where are you getting your inspiration lately?

Don Shelby (center) was the final speaker of the 2013 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He and I are pictured here with our clothier, King Bavender. The propaganda for the Good Leadership Breakfast Series claims: "Inspiration stronger than your morning espresso." With standing room only attendance, the 200+ guests who attended last week's highly-caffeinated meeting featuring Don Shelby were not [...]

Are you living the Seven Fs dream?

Kristin Pardue and Bran von Bank are living their dream: raising a family and building a business together. They are the speakers at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. The word "rêve" means dream in French. Cirque du Soleil brought the Rêve concept to life in full living color on stage with daring acrobatics and balancing acts. That accurately [...]

How do you invest in yourself?

Deep tissue massages and yoga are part of my 2013 investment plan in 'me.'  I hope to feel as good as she looks. So this year I'm a member of Massage Envy and Yoga Pioneers: both by doctors orders.  It's funny to think I'd actually be told to learn to enjoy yoga and massages. Is that a guy [...]

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