Good Leaders: How is goodness growing around you?

Kurt Nelson (center) won the Bucket of Good Will at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, donating more than $6,000 to the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club Foundation. Our speaker, Mike Ott (left) of US Bank Private Client Reserve, drew his name from more than 250 guests. Goodness pays, because goodness grows! Last Friday, the Thanksgiving season [...]

Good Leaders: What makes you happy?

My team of (L to R) Ross Bernstein, Dan McGinty, me and Mark Jordahl won the Bobby Jones Classic Team Fashion award at the 24th Annual Knicker Open benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities. This morning I'm happy. More so than other days. Because yesterday we hosted the Knicker Open charity golf tournament for [...]

Good Leaders: Are you ready to enjoy rare air?

Tony Sanneh (#22) is a World Cup soccer hero who returned to his roots in St. Paul, Minnesota to build a foundation for kids. He is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. Across a crowded business celebration last Thursday, a tall handsome character stood out because he was radiating magnetic energy. He responded to my [...]

Good Leaders: What good could you create with $100,000?

The face of the US $100,000 bill, Woodrow Wilson, will be smiling big on October 17, when we exceed $100,000 in the total contributions from the Bucket of Good Will. Last week, the Minnesota Twins' best baseball pitcher turned down an opportunity to pitch one more inning to receive a $500,000 bonus. With this simple statement, he shined [...]

Why follow you?

People will follow you if you love your work, and your heart has you headed in the right direction. Followers get behind leaders who are headed in the right direction. So what happens when the passion is gone and the direction isn't clear? I'm grateful for the courage of Amy Langer, who was the speaker at the Good [...]

Who will be your favorite speaker next year?

The May 2014, Good Leadership Breakfast speaker Chad Pregracke (right) posed with Anderson Cooper, when he won the CNN Hero of the Year Award. Valentines Day will be an all day affair for Melinda and me next year, because February 14, is the kick-off of the 2014 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. As any old love, we're adding some [...]

Where are you getting your inspiration lately?

Don Shelby (center) was the final speaker of the 2013 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. He and I are pictured here with our clothier, King Bavender. The propaganda for the Good Leadership Breakfast Series claims: "Inspiration stronger than your morning espresso." With standing room only attendance, the 200+ guests who attended last week's highly-caffeinated meeting featuring Don Shelby were not [...]

Who’s growing around you today?

These happy people are the 130 Gustavus Alumni Mentors who are helping students grow into their careers. (That's me, way up at the top!) Autumn in the American heartland means seeds go dormant. But last week was peak growing season for leaders around here. Four years ago, Melinda and I planted two seeds with promise: The Good Leadership [...]

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