Good Leaders: What goals bring out the goodness in you?

"Our current thinking limits our ability to accomplish extraordinary things," explained Jodi Harpstead, CEO of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. Jodi was the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast last Friday, where she shared the secret sauce for her leadership.

Good Leaders: Who is the Robin Williams in your life?

My first introduction to the Carpe Diem: Sieze the day! phrase was a hair-raising scene in the movie Dead Poets Society. The voice was Robin Williams. By now we know he took his own life after battling depression and other difficult things. The Dark Room Perhaps the silver lining is a new level of awareness about Depression, Bipolar Disorder and [...]

What are you doing with today?

Two inspiring funerals within 24 hours, left my asking the question: What are you doing with today? Melinda and I came home from a week "up at the lake" excited to jump back into our lives. By the end of the day Monday, we learned of two deaths inside our circle of friends. So, within 24 hours, on [...]

What did you overcome to get here?

How much of your time are you spending focused on problems? That won't get you where you want to be today. Recently, I turned away a potential new client. Our conversation was a litany of excuses, can'ts, and shoulds.  And problems, problems, problems.  He wasn't willing to let me help him find even the tiniest steps to prosperity. [...]

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