Good Leaders: Are you ready for a good Food Fight?

When Bluto yelled "Food Fight" in the movie Animal House, the Faber College cafeteria spontaneously erupted in sloppy wasteful fun. When I hear the words: "Food Fight" I smirk with memories of watching John Belushi in the movie Animal House. His character "Bluto" ignited an Ivy League riot in the cafeteria of Faber College. Years later, I yelled [...]

Good Leaders: when was the last time you met a bona fide hero?

Anderson Cooper awarded Chad Pregracke the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year Award - we're thrilled to have Chad speak this week at the Good Leadership Breakfast. What was the first thing Chad Pregracke did with the $250,000 he earned when he won the 2013 CNN Hero of the Year award presented by Anderson Cooper? He gave away [...]

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