Good Leaders: Will you dance with me?

This silly, grainy, homemade video is about how followers help leaders create a movement. Will you dance with me? Maybe you've seen this 3 minute video: A mostly naked man begins to dance freely in an open field during a Woodstock-style concert. He looks partly drunk and mostly silly...until someone else joins him. Within a minute, there's an unchoreographed [...]

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Good Leaders: Will you sign The Goodness Pledge?

The Goodness Pledge is one way for us to help you stay positive throughout the twists and turns of your leadership. Have you ever looked back on something really fun and inspiring and asked yourself: What just happened? Last week was another mountain-peak episode on the Good Leadership journey. Three specific things are creating happiness and optimism about how goodness [...]

Good Leaders: What’s your favorite team?

What will it take for your "favorite team" to be one of your teams at work? The question, What's your favorite team?, mostly triggers a sports-response like the Vikings, Packers, Yankees, Twins or Lakers. Maybe even the Gophers, Cornhuskers and Crimson Tide. Or your local high school team (Jaguars?). But sports teams seldom teach practical leadership lessons about how to build [...]

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Good Leaders: What are you building around you?

The Good Leadership Coaching team "selfie" - after a training retreat at Madden's Resort on Minnesota's Gull Lake. Nothing significant ever happens alone. In other words: the #1 reason entrepreneurs stall is the failure to build a team who can lift the business to the next level. Today, I am savoring the time spent with a collection of gifted [...]

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Good Leaders: How do you scale up?

When you walk into a Jimmy John’s, do you think about the sink in the back that needs to be fixed? Dan relies on his business partner, Liz, for support as their company grows. "It's so much easier to open a business when you have someone you trust by your side," he says. As CEO of The Lambi Corporation, [...]

Good Leaders: What is your liberating mindset?

If you ask Albert how to get to Carnegie Hall, he might say practice...or he might just say, radiate goodness! Most people would think that founding a nationally recognized, award-winning singing group would be the pinnacle of a career. Most people are not Albert Jordan. Albert wanted to make sure music was always a source of joy, and never [...]

Good Leaders: What are you celebrating this week?

This week we are celebrating National Small Business Week in America. And we are hosting a Business Owner Forum on May 29, 2015. This week Americans are celebrating National Small Business Week! As I gaze into my own bloodline, I see a steady stream of business owners: farmers, a funeral home, a newspaper, a florist, a diversity and [...]

Good Leaders: Who reminds you of the fundamentals?

Yesterday, I introduced Big Ten Football Coach of the Year, Jerry Kill, at the PENWorks conference. Photo credit: Tami Ekstrand, Central Media Services Yesterday, I had the honor of introducing one of my contemporary heroes. University of Minnesota head football coach, Jerry Kill, was the keynote speaker at the PENWorks annual conference, produced by the Performance Excellence Network. [...]

Good Leaders: How are you promoting fairness?

Kelly Chatman is the Pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, in the Harrison Neighborhood of North Minneapolis. The Good Leadership Breakfast Series is celebrating another "first" next week: we are meeting on a THURSDAY!  If you decide to break out of your Friday morning habit, I guarantee you will be inspired. Here's why: The founders of America dreamed of [...]

Good Leaders: Where do you see a bright future around you?

Sun time in Arizona provided some luxurious R&R, and gave me an encouraging look into the future. Leisure travel is a luxury. It's an appropriate reward for working hard and building things. Last week I celebrated my 52nd birthday on an unusual spring break trip to Arizona. Normally, the desert sunshine in March is all I need for [...]

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