What’s the opposite of Goodness: Can you honor your inner critic?

"So, what is the opposite of goodness?" the interviewee asked. Before we could even begin the first interview for the Goodness Pays book project, the executive presented significant resistance. "I need to know if you are trying to paint the picture that the opposite of "goodness" is "badness," he continued. Here's how I answered:

Good Leaders: How do you carry on a legacy?

The passionate golfers among us remember Payne Stewart as the legendary winner of eleven PGA Tour events whose flashy knicker outfits made him stand out from the crowd. But his son Aaron remembers him differently. Read on to see how you can be part of a historic celebration.

Good Leaders: What are you building?

Nothing significant is ever accomplished alone. Healthy relationships are the bricks & mortar; steel & glass, of good leadership. And when the raw materials are glued together by good leaders who work together with good intentions...great things are possible! Four years ago, I sent an email to Kevin Warren, then chief legal counsel of the Minnesota Vikings, asking if he would be a speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast...

Good Leaders: What are you planning to celebrate?

The entire state of Minnesota is planning a party. A huge, warm, wintry party in partnership with the National Football League called the 2018 Super Bowl. And like every other good party, someone has to be in charge: that's why I'm so happy to introduce you to our speaker for the Good Leadership breakfast this Friday...

Good Leaders: Who is helping you reach the next level?

We all have a vision for our lives; some more vivid than others. Whether peering into our 80's, 50's or 30's, we are all imagining a richer, happier existence filled with new possibilities and goodness. But nothing significant ever happens alone - who is helping you reach the next level?

Good Leaders: How are you Rewarding Excellence?

Join us for a special Good Leadership Breakfast at the PENworks 2016 Conference on April 19. I sent this blog with nervous anticipation: we changed the blog delivery system with "excellence" in mind. Depending on your device, you are either reading this in simplicity...or you are frustrated with our execution. Excellence requires training The ability to make significant change [...]

Good Leaders: What changes are you embracing around you?

Society is changing all around us in amazing ways: How are you embracing the change? Change is happening to you soon. We are forcing a new blogging-delivery technology on you next week because we think it will help both you and me spread goodness easier. You won't have a choice. It's not really fair because, depending on the device you [...]

Good leaders: What’s the 8th F for you?

Colleen Needles Steward pointed out "focus" as the 8th F of her success with Tremendous! Entertainment. By now, you recognize our commitment to promoting the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future, as a lever toward goodness in leadership. Since the very first speech I made after Tim Schmidt and I wrote the What Really [...]

Good Leaders: How are you helping others grow?

The Good Leadership Training class of 2015 celebrated on the stage at the Good Leadership Breakfast. My joy multiplies when we help people grow. Especially when we help leaders grow. Today, I am especially grateful for a partnership with Jessica Larson at the Center for Diagnostic Imaging. She and I have partnered for more than five years to [...]

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