Good Leaders: Who reminds you of the fundamentals?

Yesterday, I introduced Big Ten Football Coach of the Year, Jerry Kill, at the PENWorks conference. Photo credit: Tami Ekstrand, Central Media Services Yesterday, I had the honor of introducing one of my contemporary heroes. University of Minnesota head football coach, Jerry Kill, was the keynote speaker at the PENWorks annual conference, produced by the Performance Excellence Network. [...]

Good Leaders: Who exudes excellence around you?

Coach Kill is the featured speaker at the PEN Works conference in April. You have a special offer to join me. Coaching helps produce excellence. That's why I really like being a coach. And why I admire Jerry Kill, the football coach at the University of Minnesota. We are sharing the stage at the Performance Excellence Network Annual Conference [...]

Good leaders: How did you start your day today?

Darrell Thompson will talk about his commitment to family at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. "I serve breakfast to my children every day I'm home," he answered.  The question I asked Darrell Thompson was: "Beyond being a famous Minnesota athlete and a professional football player, who are you?" It's not every day we get to spend time [...]

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