Good Leaders: How are you setting goals this week?

Last night at a dinner party, one of our friends casually made the comment to another: "You should put that into your goals for the new year." He and I made eyes across the room because just hours earlier, we had discussed our goals for the new year. Together, we agreed to use the framework of The Seven Fs for 2017. Here's the framework, described in detail to help you:

Good Leaders: Have you planned your winter retreat?

Successful executives and business owners understand their “job” is more than a job. It’s a full mind, body and soul commitment to build something special. It takes an unwavering support system of family and friends to make it happen. And sometimes a restorative Seven Fs retreat is just what the doctor ordered!

Good Leaders: How would you celebrate a million dollar weekend?

We often celebrate history; it’s rare that we also make history at the same time. But that’s exactly what happened last weekend when Aaron Stewart, son of the late golfer Payne Stewart, joined 150 good leaders at Hazeltine National Golf Course for a once-in-a-lifetime charitable dinner.

Good Leaders: How are you living your mission?

With two toddlers and a recent promotion, Sara Koch’s life as a good leader is sometimes overwhelming. At Lutheran Social Service, Sara oversees seniors who volunteer to support other seniors and children around the Twin Cities. One day, Sara asked one of those volunteers, an elderly woman from the Soviet Union, what motivates her.

Good Leaders: How could a new weekly routine help you?

Elizabeth Grande is asking you: When was the last time you completed a Seven Fs Wheel? Elizabeth is a Sales Specialist at Thomson Reuters and a Bikram yoga instructor, and she recommends using the Seven Fs Wheel weekly. “It helps me match my time, money, and effort with my values and goals.”

Good Leaders: Are you creating the life you want?

Stephanie Franciscus took our Personal Visioning exercise seriously – and she’s on fire. As the Director of Sales Effectiveness at Medica, Stephanie was a star graduate of the Good Leadership Training program this spring. She’s someone who role models positivity and is always working to improve her Seven Fs Wheel, explaining: “I owe it to myself to create the life I want.”

Good Leaders: Who is teaching you?

Learning something new is good! The Good Leadership team went Curling for the holidays. Who would have thought learning Curling could be so much fun?! The Good Leadership team joyfully discovered the ancient sport of Curling last week. More important: just as air, water and a good night's rest are important...we were all reminded how important learning something new is to [...]

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Good Leaders: How are you celebrating today?

On Black Friday, we hosted a winter tailgating party to celebrate the lighting of this 52 foot-tall pine tree in our front yard. 6,000 lights of joy! While most of America was wrestling for Black Friday deals, the Batz family was hosting a winter tailgating-party in Minnesota. Yep...we decided to party during the wintry, sunset hours in our front [...]

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Good Leaders: What makes you happy today?

Today I am choosing to be happy. My pal, Ralphie, helps me make that decision every morning. Today, like every other day, I'm deciding to be happy. Happy is good. Happy is magnetic. Happy is contagious. Happy is everywhere, and it's powerful. Are you happy today? A few years ago, while mired in worry about a brutal economy and [...]

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