Good Leaders: How are you setting goals this week?

Last night at a dinner party, one of our friends casually made the comment to another: "You should put that into your goals for the new year." He and I made eyes across the room because just hours earlier, we had discussed our goals for the new year. Together, we agreed to use the framework of The Seven Fs for 2017. Here's the framework, described in detail to help you:

Good Leaders: How would you celebrate a million dollar weekend?

We often celebrate history; it’s rare that we also make history at the same time. But that’s exactly what happened last weekend when Aaron Stewart, son of the late golfer Payne Stewart, joined 150 good leaders at Hazeltine National Golf Course for a once-in-a-lifetime charitable dinner.

Good Leaders: How could a new weekly routine help you?

Elizabeth Grande is asking you: When was the last time you completed a Seven Fs Wheel? Elizabeth is a Sales Specialist at Thomson Reuters and a Bikram yoga instructor, and she recommends using the Seven Fs Wheel weekly. “It helps me match my time, money, and effort with my values and goals.”

Good Leaders: What are you building?

Nothing significant is ever accomplished alone. Healthy relationships are the bricks & mortar; steel & glass, of good leadership. And when the raw materials are glued together by good leaders who work together with good intentions...great things are possible! Four years ago, I sent an email to Kevin Warren, then chief legal counsel of the Minnesota Vikings, asking if he would be a speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast...

Good Leaders: How much of your fun comes from “work?”

Recently at a neighborhood social, I noticed how most people in the room were chiming-in about how hard they work - like a badge of honor. Even the guy who recently retired said, "I'm working harder now than ever...I have so many things I need to do!" So, I tried an experiment.

Good Leaders: Who is helping you reach the next level?

We all have a vision for our lives; some more vivid than others. Whether peering into our 80's, 50's or 30's, we are all imagining a richer, happier existence filled with new possibilities and goodness. But nothing significant ever happens alone - who is helping you reach the next level?

Good Leaders: Who do you feel accountable to?

  Click on the image to view the digital flipbook version of our 2015 Annual Report. I feel accountable to you. As a reader of this blog, you invest your time because on some level you believe it makes you a better leader. And through the lens of the Seven, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future...maybe [...]

Good leaders: What is on your horizon?

The horizon over the Pacific Ocean at Dana Point, California, inspired me to think ahead about my leadership. A trip to see the ocean this weekend helped me gaze into the future. Good timing: my wife and business partner, Melinda Batz, and I recently passed a significant milestone and we are embracing the question: What is on our horizon? [...]

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